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Destiny Points

Postby Dapper Dog » Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:08 am

Destiny can be used once per time slot, or once during an event. They can be used a max of twice per day but that can be refreshed at GM notice. The exception to this is during Combat threads as those will be done in relative real time with back and forth between GMs and the combat participants.

I may raise this cap if people are under utilizing Destiny. For some events we will have a list of Characters that we use Destiny against, one of their rolls will have a Difficulty die upgrades to a Challenge die. They can choose the roll. To help me out, list in the Destiny Points thread when you use a Destiny Point along with a link to the post so we can keep track.

If you have questions feel free to ask.

You can use Destiny Points on the following:

  • Upgrade an ability die into a Profession die, upgrading a green die to a yellow die.
  • One can upgrade a difficulty die to a challenge die, upgrading a purple die to a red die, for an opponent.
  • Certain talents and abilities require a Destiny point to use.
  • Generate good luck and allow for scene editing, this is not allowed in Event scenes. For example a character falls off a cliff they could spend a Destiny to say they fall into a rushing river and escape instant death.
  • Normal Force Users may use dark side pips, but they have to flip a Destiny to do so and suffer strain and Conflict equal to the dark points they use.
  • By default all Sith characters are considered Dark Side users, to utilize light points on the Force die roll they need to spend Destiny and then suffer strain equal to the amount of light force points used. This also generates Conflict.
  • Cannot negate Destiny Upgrade but you can upgrade your own dice pool. For example if a GM upgrades the Difficulty die, then you can spend a Destiny to Upgrade your skill roll but not negate the upgrade to difficulty. Both upgrades count.

Feel free to discuss Destiny uses with other players.
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