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[Day 12 - Late Afternoon] Kryze Airways

Postby Dapper Dog » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:57 pm

Event Type: Combat, Side Mission
Power Cost: 15
Participants: 3 Ships
Timeslots: Late Afternoon

Description: Yiko Kruze and her elite flight are causing havoc on the battle field, as a skilled pilot she is nearly untouchable and this grants the Mandalorians air superiority. Time to clip her wings!

Rules: This is an Ship Combat event, both sides begin at Speed 2 over the city and are at Medium range as the Republic moves to intercept. Yiko is Adversary 2 and is lying her advanced fighter, she has two elite pilots with her on her wing each with Adversary 1. All ships are Silhouette 1, Yiko has 2 Defense in all slots, the Elite have 1. She will pull out if reduced to 1/4 her Hull Trauma.

Rewards/Outcome: Defeating Yiko is worth 5 Victory Points, shooting her down is worth 10 Victory points. If not Engaged lose 10 Victory Points.
Trust Modified: N/A
Power Modified: N/A
Duty Gained: 15
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