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[Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Dapper Dog » Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:26 pm

Event Type: Side Mission
Power Cost: 18
Participants: Unlimited
Timeslots: Late Afternoon

Description: The Mandalorians launch a surprise attack on the Valiant Star in orbit, to try and take out the mobile command center of the Republic! All hands report to your stations, it is do or die!

Rules: Each player must participate in at least the first two phases of the event, the third is optional. If a roll is failed the the player takes 4 wounds and 4 strain, not mitigated by armor, consider this general battle damage. Each failure beyond the first increases that wound damage by 1, and each threat beyond the first increases that strain by 1. Advantage can be used, 2 advantage to give the next roll a boost die, it can also be used to reduce strain as well as per normal Combat rules. Triumph grants 1 extra Defense point and a Despair adds 1 wound and a Critical Injury.

Due to the ferocity of the attack at least one is always upgraded in the difficulty of any roll.

Phase One - Report to Stations: This is an Average Cool or Discipline check with a setback due to the chaos of the attack. One can also roll a Hard Leadership instead, doing so will grant 1 extra Defense point if successful. Success or Fail they may proceed to Phase Two.

Phase Two - Remember your Training: This is a Hard skill check of your choice, with a setback due to the combat conditions. Success or Fail may proceed to Phase Three, though it is optional.

Phase Three - Push Them Back: This is a Hard Combat skill check, if one used a combat skill check in Phase Two increase this to a Daunting check due to combat fatigue. Battle damage is doubled, so 8 wounds and 8 Strain on failure, if wound threshold is exceeded you are killed in Action. Just attempting this will grant 1 Defense Point, success or fail on top of the normal points earned.

Rewards/Outcome: Amassing 40 Defense Points as a team will grant the Strike Force a bonus experience gain of 15, this will be considered bonus on top of the Bonus for Completion of the game. If less is gained the ship is lost and Victory Points is reduced by 10. It will crash into the sea, players will survive but lose support of the Valiant Star.

Trust Modified: N/A
Power Modified: N/A
Duty Gained: 20
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Dapper Dog » Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:20 pm

Spending 10 Destiny on the first ten rolls in Phase 2, to upgrade the difficulty adding another Red dice.
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Dapper Dog » Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:27 pm

OOC: Force Powers can be used in Phase 2 or Phase 3, and count like a combat skill check for sake of event rules. This is a Discipline check in most cases.
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Dr. Cole Ormont » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:40 pm

Cole took up position in the Medbay, securing cabinets and equipment against potentially hull-rattling strikes of ship-to-ship weapons. It wasn’t long before the wounded were being rushed in, dressings slapped over burns and cuts, the clink of discarded stimpacks as soldiers were injected and sent back out to fight.

When a boarding party of Mandalorians attempted to storm the Medbay, Cole did the only thing he could. Despite his shaking hands and the terrified sickness twisting in his gut, he snatched up a wounded soldier’s blaster and returned fire. He wasn’t sure it helped any, a hail of blaster bolts forcing him to take cover.

D12 LA: All Hands; Stim Application, Medicine, Average, Mini-Med, Physician’s Kit: 2eP+3eA+2eB+2eD 2 successes, 3 advantage
+1 Success Mini-Med, +1 Advantage Physician’s Kit

Cole gains +1 Presence and takes 0 Strain.

D12 LA: All Hands Phase 1; Leadership, Hard, Trust: 1eP+3eA+1eB+1eC+2eD+1eS 1 success, 2 threat

2 Defense Points
Strain 2/13

D12 LA: All Hands Phase 2; Medicine, Average, Master Doctor, Mini-Med, Physician’s Kit, Med-Aid Patch, Trust: 2eP+3eA+3eB+2eC+1eS 5 successes, 2 advantage, 1 Despair
+1 Success Mini Med, +1 Advantage Physician’s Kit, +1 Advantage Med-Aid Patch

1 Defense Point
Wounds 1/12
Strain 2/13 (+2 Master Doctor, -2 Advantage)
D12 Crit: 1d100 50 (Head Ringer)
2 Advantage to Boost next roll

D12 LA: All Hands Phase 3; Ranged (Light), Destiny, Hard, Trust, Boost: 1eP+1eA+2eB+1eC+2eD 0 successes, 1 threat, 1 Despair

1 Defense Point
Wounds 10/12
Strain 11/13
D12 Crit2: 1d100+10 26 (Discouraging Wound)

Total: 4 Defense Points
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Niall Organa » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:05 am

When the Mandalorians attacked, it was hard and fast. The impacts came almost as soon as the alarm klaxons went off.

It was a rough, tough, bloody affair. The fighting had already devolved into hand to hand, as the defenders valiantly tried to hold back the Mandalorians. Niall moved right towards the thick of the fighting, calling out orders and encouragement as they he went. Slowly, the soldiers rallied. A defensive line was formed. They held.

But the Mandalorians did the same. Niall spoke into his comm, even as he planted his shield, covering the soldiers behind him. Blaster fire sizzled the air around him. Still, the line held.

Finally, Niall heard what he was waiting for. "In position." Vera's voice crackled in his ear. "Give 'em something to look at?"

"Go!" Niall yelled, running forward, firing as he went, the squad he'd rallied running with him. The Mandalorians focused on them. Opening fire. Failing to notice the forms emerging from the shadows to their rear. The first warning they had was when Vera's cybernetic arm encircled a neck from behind, twisting violently.

It was all over in moment.

"Good work." Niall said, looking around with a nod. "But it's not over yet." He pointed down the corridor with his pistol, towards the sounds of more fighting. "Let's go!


All Hands! P1. Leadership hard, 1eB trust, cancel setback: 3eP+1eA+1eB+1eC+2eD 2 successes, 3 advantage

All Hands! P2. Leadership hard, 1eB trust, 1eB previous roll, cancel setback DDDestiny: 3eP+1eA+2eB+2eC+1eD 0 successes, 5 advantage

All Hands! P2. Leadership hard, 1eB trust, 1eB previous roll, cancel setback DDDestiny, Clever reroll: 3eP+1eA+2eB+2eC+1eD 1 success, 1 advantage

All Hands! P3. Ranged(L), 1eB trust, DESTINY, power base +2eB: 3eP+3eB+1eC+2eD 2 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph

FINAL TALLY: 6 Defense Points
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Jax Dolross » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:54 am

Jax attempts to rally some nearby republican soldiers but they are clearly too shaken or Jax sounds way less commanding than he thinks he does but they ignore him and Jax takes a few shots on his way to an armed speeder he found around the station. Jax zoomed through the narrow corridors grabbing stranded soldiers and other personnel and taking them to safety.

Then Jax turned a corner and saw a squad of mandalorians coming down it he revved the engine once and gunned towards them using the speeders guns he took most of them out mandos falling under the hail of blaster fire with one sole mando left Jax punched it and braked at the last second while wrenching the wheel to the left causing the speeder to whip around and smash into the mando sending them flying into the wall and not moving. Jax inspected the scene before nodding and spitting on one of the fallen mandos and speeding off to help more republic soldiers.

leadership: All hands leadership hard check with upgrade reroll: 1eP+2eA+1eC+2eD+1eS 1 failure, 2 threat

forgotten boost die:All hands leadership hard check with upgrade rerolltrust boost: 1eB 0 successes, 1 advantage

Piloting planetary: all hands piloting planetary upgraded twice set back removed boost from trust: 2eP+3eA+1eB+2eC+1eD 3 successes, 1 advantage

1 defense point

Gunnery: all hands phase 3 gunnery upgraded destiny flip boost from trust: 2eP+3eA+1eB+1eC+2eD 4 successes, 1 Triumph

3 defense points

total: 4 defense points
4/12 wounds 4/14 strain
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Lyseil Panteer » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:02 am

Lyseil rallied without fear as she kept her cool during the attack. Sure, she could probably hide somewhere and let the Mandalorians pass her by, but... no, she was here to protect people. To save people. So she waved for the others who were with her to hide as she picked up the approach of Mandalorians.

It was a nearly perfect ambush, as Lyseil and the others fell upon the enemy. She recalled one of the most important lessons from her combat training; when engaging the enemy, don't hesitate. Hesitation will get you killed sooner than you'd spot a nerf on the Alsakan plains.


"FOR THE REPUBLIC! FOR BANKOR!" she shouted as they got the drop on the group of Kryze Mandalorians, and took down their vanguards, as the enemy hadn't spotted their hiding places.

The modified pistol was like a hand-cannon in the hands of the fierce Panteer as the hallway erupted in a firefight. Even as she took a shot to the arm that would debilitate her aim, Lyseil did not give up. This skirmish was one, but the battle was still raging. "Go! Go!" she urged the others, following them onward to help others!


D12 LA EVENT: All Hands! Cool. +1B trust. Average and Setback. Be cool! Re-roll with Challenge Die (since I forgot): 2eA+1eB+1eC+1eD+1eS 3 successes, 3 threat

3 Strain Damage, 1 Defense Point

D12 LA EVENT: All Hands! Clever Man Re-roll! So Smort! Stealth. +1B Trust. +1B Talent! Hard with Setback. Sneaksy Panthe(e)r!: 2eP+1eA+2eB+2eD+1eC+1eS 1 success, 3 advantage
D12 LA EVENT: All Hands! Clever Man Re-roll! So Smort! Stealth. +1B Trust. +1B Talent! Hard with Setback. Sneaksy Panthe(e)r! (And re-rolling with extra upgraded Challenge because I derped!): 2eP+1eA+2eB+2eC+1eD+1eS 1 success, 3 advantage

1 Defense point (2 total), 1 strain recovered. Boost to next roll!

D12 LA EVENT: All Hands! Ranged: Light to pew! Pew! +1B Trust, +1B from previous roll!: 1eP+2eA+2eB+1eC+2eD 3 successes, 1 threat, 1 Despair

1 Defense point +1 from Phase 3 (4 total), 1 strain, 1 Wound + Critical!

D12 LA EVENT: All Hands! Critical from Despair: 1d100 89 (Compromised = Increase Difficulty of all rolls by 1 until end of encounter

3 Strain
1 Wound + 1 Critical (Compromised)
4 Defense Points!
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Tra Kize » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:37 am

Tra was tired of these Mandalorians and their inability to realize they had lost. It did not frustrate or anger him... it was simply exhausting. But he would see this through and try to save as many soldiers as he could in the process. Taking cover, Tra opened a line to his unit and began handing out orders, advising tactical decisions and lining up the strike force and resistance fighters so that they would be able to catch a group of Mandalorians in a pincer maneuver. As the move was coming together, the old Kel Dor stood from behind cover, taking the group by surprise and further enhancing the effectiveness of this tactical ploy, drawing their attention away from where it needed to be just as the fighters took their final positions and opened up on the enemy. It was a glorious rain of blaster fire that leveled the group of opponents mercilessly. Tra retook cover and began going over combat data before preparing for the next engagement...

These Mandalorians would never expect the skills of this pudgy old staff officer, who seemed in this battle more like a surly old war dog.


D12 LA, All Hands, Report to Stations, Leadership, Hard, 1 setback from chaos, -1 setback from Commanding Presence, 3 boost from Command and Trust, 1 difficulty upgrade from ferocity: 3eP+3eB+1eC+2eD 2 successes, 2 advantage

+2 Defense points

D12 LA, All Hands, Remember your Training, Leadership, Hard, 1 setback from chaos, -1 setback from Commanding Presence, 4 boost from Command, Advantage and Trust, 2 difficulty upgrade from ferocity and destiny: 3eP+4eB+2eC+1eD 2 successes, 4 advantage

+1 Defense Point

D12 LA, All Hands, Push Them Back, Ranged (Light), Hard, 3 boost from Advantage and Trust, 1 difficulty ferocity: 2eA+3eB+1eC+2eD 2 successes, 1 advantage

+2 Defense Points

Total: 5 Defense Points

Running Event Total: 23 Defense Points
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Baesal Zyn » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:41 am

Baesal was near her truck in the hanger wondering what to do next when suddenly...CHAOS

There was a flash of light and suddenly one of the strike craft to her left was severely damage by what might be a missile or a torpedo.

''What the actual fuck?'' She yelled to herself as she ducked to protect herself from another possible explosion. She could not stay there long she realised when mandalorians, the bad ones, arrived on a transport to invade the hangar without the support turrets shooting at them.

Activating the mag-lift on her bench she rushed to the controls to reactivate them where she encountered other mandalorians, the bad ones (again).

''Can't we talk this over?'' she proposed innocently has they raised their guns to shoot.

She ducked behind the bench to hide from the first volley, activating her silver lightsaber

''Your choice''

Phase One - Report to Stations, discipline, destiny, trust boost: 2eP+1eD+1eC+1eS+1eB 1+1 successes, one advantage

[url=]Phase Two - Remember your Training, mechanics, trust boost, bench, specialist tools to negate setback
: 2eA+2eP+2eD+1eC+1eB+2eF 2+1 successes, 1 threat, 1 Light Side, 1 Dark Side
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImagelight to negate threat

Phase Three - Push Them Back: Shoto, trust: 2eA+2eP+2eD+1eC+1eB 4 successes, 2 threat

4 defense points

Running total: 27
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Garth Wayne » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:53 am

Garth kept his cool, nothing flustered him as he slipped into the cockpit of one of the spitfires to provide some support against the Mandalorian ships that were offloading soldiers.

He swooped and dove around them but one of the enemy cannons landed a good shot on his spitfire, not good enough to prevent his hard work, but enough to stagger him and force him to engage a little longer than he would've liked.

His return fire was surprisingly effective however and he riddled the enemy ships with laser fire.

D12 All Hands Cool + trust: 2eA+1eP+1eB+2eD+1eS 2 successes, 1 Triumph
D12 All hands Cool (forgotten challenge): 1eC 0 successes, 2 threat
= 2 success, 2 threat, 1 triumph. (2 Defense Points)
Wounds = 0/14
Strain = 2/12

D12 All Hands (Piloting Space Skilled Jockey to ignore setback): 1eA+2eP+2eF+1eB+2eC+1eD 2 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Despair, 2 Light Side, 2 Dark Side
LS for advantage
= 2 success, 3 advantage (to heal strain), 1 despair (1 Defense Points)
Wounds = 1/14
Strain = 0/12
Critical = Stunned (after adjustment for Durable)

D12 All Hands Combat Check Gunnery: 1eA+2eP+1eB+2eD+1eC 2 successes, 1 advantage
= 2 success, 1 advantage (2 defense points)

5 total defense points
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Durasay Mixo » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:45 am

Durasay was in the CIC of the Valiant Star when the Mandalorians attacked. Grabbing a hold of the command console he was standing before as the ship was attacked. Gritting his teeth, he then stood straighter, looking to the officers and enlisted beings around him. His eyes narrowed, as he straightened his posture to full attention. "Ladies and Gentlemen. It seems our enemy has decided to invite themselves over to inspect the finest in Republic Engineering. It would behoove us to be proper hosts. Man your battlestations! Set condition one throughout the ship! I want a full company of Republic Marines up here yesterday! Lieutenant! I want all tactical data on that readout now!" He pointed to a console, as various viewscreens began showing platoons of Mando Raiders storming the ship. Reaching down, he grabbed his paired blasters, heading from CIC to the hallways as explosions rocked the ship.

A company of marines met him, each giving a salute. In his heavy battle armor, Durasay seemed to blend right in with the Republic soldiers. "I'm sure you're all itching to get to this fight. Well, remember your training, think of your loved ones, and I promise you, you will make it back alive!" He slapped a sergeant on the shoulder, before beginning to run past them, blasters at the ready. He didn't even turn as he cried back to them. "C'mon you apes! You wanna live forever!?"

Storming the hallway in standard four by four cover formations, Durasay and the marines he had commandeered came across some intense firefighting. Joining in, they added their own blaster fire, repelling the boarders as they encountered them, sweeping hall by hall, to do all they could to save the Valiant Star.

LA12 - All Hands - Phase 1: Report to Stations (Presence 4, Leadership 1, Command 2, Trust Boost, Influence Skill Control, Commanding Presence 1 to reduce setback by 1, Hard Difficulty, Upgraded Once): 1eP+3eA+3eB+2eF+1eC+2eD 3 successes, 4 Light Side
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Converting 4 light side to advantages, giving two boost dice to my next roll. 2 Defense Points

LA12 - All Hands - Phase 2: Remember Your Training (Presence 4, Leadership 1, Command 2, Trust Boost, 2x Advantage Boosts, Influence Skill Control, Commanding Presence 1 to reduce setback by 1, Hard Difficulty, Upgraded Once, DD Destiny Upgrade): 1eP+3eA+5eB+2eF+2eC+1eD 3 successes, 3 advantage, 1 Light Side, 2 Dark Side
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Converting Light Side to one advantage, now 4 advantages, giving 2 boost dice to my next roll, 1 Defense Point

LA12 - All Hands - Phase 3: Push them Back (Agility 3, Ranged - Light 1, Trust Boost, 2 Boosts from previous Advantages, Destiny Upgrade, Hard Difficulty, Upgraded once): 2eP+1eA+3eB+1eC+2eD 2 successes, 2 advantage
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Spending the 2 advantage to give the next PC one boost die on their first check. 2 Defense Points

Total: 5 Defense Points

Running Total: 37 Defense Points
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Layne Hoshin » Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:12 pm

Though she was still hurt from her encounter with a Darth the other day, Layne was immediately on her feet when the alarms went off, running through the corridors in search for the enemy. After yesterday, a few more mandalorians weren't going to scare her away. With the force flowing around her, the young Jedi's feet carried her like the wind. It took hardly any time at all before she found herself face to face with those all too familiar helmets. And then she slowed from a full sprint to a casual walk.

The darksaber ignited.

Though she was a Jedi, they would know fear as the Darksaber ignited, and Layne began cutting them down.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, destiny had other plans, and while she cut a few of them down, there were too many for her to push them back entirely. And they got a few good shots in.

Cool, Trust boost, setback ignored (blade of woe): 1eP+1eA+1eB+1eC+1eD 2 successes

+ 1 defense point

Athletics (enhance), 1 boost from trust, setback ignored (blade of woe): 2eP+2eA+1eB+2eF+2eC+1eD 1 failure, 2 advantage, 2 Dark Side

Destiny to flip those darkside pips into a sux, 2 advantage to give myself a boost next check
+1 defense point

Lightsabering, 1 boost from trust, 1 boost from advantage, 2 boost from Powerbase, DESTINY,setback ignored: 4eP+4eB+2eD+1eC 4 successes, 2 advantage
Advantage to heal strain
+2 defense points

Rerolled the above roll because apparently I can't use destiny twice in an event?:

Reroll because I can't use destiny twice in an event: 3eP+1eA+4eB+2eD+1eC 1 failure, 3 advantage
Failure, still 1 defense point for trying. 8 wounds and strain gained. 3 advantage to reduce strain.

3 defense points total, running total: 40?
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Rav Devaroo » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:06 pm

Rav was working in the hanger when the first explosion hit and the call went out over the tannoy. All hands to battle stations, all hands to battle stations. This is not a drill, repeat: this is not a drill.

"No shit!" he exclaimed as the next impact sent him clanging headfirst into the body of the Spitfire he was repairing. It was lucky he was wearing his armour or it would have cracked his skull.

Grabbing his heavy hydrospanner he sprinted across the bay towards where the explosion had wrecked their defensive turrets. If he could bring them back on line it would give the boarding party a nasty surprise. Of course the Mandos knew that too, so he ended up fixing the turrets in the midst of a firefight. They came back on line, but not before he'd taken a couple of hits that probably meant another trip to see the Doc.

With his job done and his life on the line, Rab grabbed his trusty pulse rifle and started clearing the decks of House Kryze assault troopers. It felt good to put a bunch of them down, and he hoped that everyone else had made it out of this intact.


Day 12. LA. All hands! Phase one. Average Discipline. Setback. Trust. One GM upgrade.: 2eA+1eB+1eC+1eD+1eS 4 failures, 3 advantage
Advantage for one Boost to next roll and one strain recovered.
8 Wounds + 3 Strain taken.

Day 12. LA. All hands! Phase two. Hard Mechanics. Setback removed. 4 Boosts (Trust, Armour, Previous roll). Extra advantage from Heavy Hydrospanner. Two GM upgrades.: 3eP+1eA+4eB+2eC+1eD 2 successes, 5 advantage, 1 Despair

Total = 2 successes, 6 advantage, 1 Despair.

Day 12. LA. All hands! Phase two. Crit.: 1d100 87

Use one rank of Durable to lower that to 77 (Average, Overpowered).

+1 Defense point.

Day 12. LA. All hands! Phase three. Hard Ranged (Light). 4 Boosts (Trust, Previous roll). GM upgrade. Destiny flip.: 3eP+4eB+2eD+1eC 5 successes, 1 threat

+2 Defense points.

Total = +3 defense points
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Teffa » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:35 pm

"Not again!" Teffa cried out as the station was rocked with a Mandalorian attack. The memory of Vantage Core Station was too fresh on her mind and she admittedly had cold feet about running out to attempt to help anyone. Wouldn't it be better to stay back and let the professionals do their work while she held the door open for them? She supposed she could live with just doing that and sleep better for it...

"...Oh, hell!" She cursed herself as she ran out there with the first wave to corral people to safety. Regrets began to surface and she was sure to vocalize them as blaster fire went off with accompanying explosions. "What are you doing here, Teffa. You should have just stayed home! What do you know about saving people?"

However, it seemed she managed to weather through it and eventually retreat internally to find her Chiss zen as the chaos ramped up. This was perhaps less related to the force and merely a comfort zone. Her guidance led the civilians to the core of the ship where they would be safe from the ensuing damage, close to the escape pods should things really get bad. She wasn't responsible for casualties this time and her work was done. However, she didn't flee with the civilians just yet and stood her ground, pulling out her blaster for the first time this campaign to unleash some covering fire to give the civilians at the back of the pack a fighting chance. "Over here! I can't do this forever! Go! Go!"

Once her part was done, she found herself back behind the blast door, just like a few moments before she pondered on her hesitation. That must have been her imagination and wishful thinking. She thought it was better to cut her chances and run, quickly retreating to the core before she could delude herself to act out a silly fantasy...

Phase One - Report to Stations
(Cool used)
Day 12, All Hands! Phase One - Report to Stations: 3eP+1eA+1eB+1eC+2eD+1eS 3 successes, 1 threat, 1 Triumph

Phase Two - Remember your Training
(Charm used)
Day 12, All Hands! Phase Two - Remember your Training: Charm Used, Setback negated, Plus base Advantage: 2eP+2eA+1eB+2eD+1eC 1 success, 4 advantage
(2 boosts on next roll)

Phase Three - Push Them Back
(Ranged-Light used)
Day 12, All Hands! Phase Three - Push Them Back, Ranged (Light): 1eP+1eA+3eB+2eD+1eC 1 success, 3 advantage
(1 boost die to the next person?)

Defence Points contributed: +4

Edit: Actually, recounted and forgot to count the triumph, it's +5!
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Illyria Acaran » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:54 pm

Illyria reported to her mustering site then began handing out assignments to officers without a clear chain of command to get them into the fight. A few asked her about the state of affairs, and she gave them a rosy picture of the situation that maybe didn't reflect reality, but they didn't need to be burdened by the weight of unfiltered reality. As she turned back to her console to begin tapping out orders and communication, her console exploded under her fingertips - forcing her back against the bulkhead behind her. She collapsed into a small puddle in the corner as troops ran past her. One captain bent down and hauled her up, checked that she was okay, and then told her to fall in line with them. She stumbled into a run and took cover, pulling her pistol in combat for the first time since she'd landed. Using C4N-D1D to link in to the ships internal cameras, she had him project the information back to her heads up display and used that information to help set up a killzone in a hallway which she was able to hold against the Mandalorian press.

All Hands: Report to Stations: Leadership. Lector's outfit, trust, setback/dif upgrade from event: 3eA+2eB+2eD+1eC+1eS 2 successes, 3 advantage, 1 Despair
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage +2 defense points

All Hands: crit 1: 1d100+20 30 Discouraging Wound (one light destiny flips to dark)

All Hands: Remember your Training: Deception. Lector's outfit, trust, prior boost, difficulty upgrade: 3eP+1eA+3eB+2eD+1eC 0 successes, 5 advantage, 1 Despair

All Hands: crit 1: 1d100+30 45

All Hands: Push them back. Ranged light, 2x carried boost, trust, assist from droid, setback supression, diff upgrade: 1eP+2eA+4eB+2eD+1eC 5 successes, 2 threat

+4 defense points
+2 duty for everyone in this event
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Zanebry Varliss » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:13 pm

This was definitely getting bothersome... Damn Mandolorian's could at least wait until he was off the dam flagship before attacking it. Why had he come to this war again?

Well, that wasnt really important right now, Z had far more important things to do. Rav seemed to need a distraction the Mandolorian's seemed to be happily shooting him as he tried to fix the turrets, and Zane was more then happy to help. A tossed oil can, a toolbox falling on Mandolorian heads. It was far too easy to draw his blaster and finish a number of them off.

All hands: phase 1 cool, boost from trust.: 1eP+1eA+1eB+1eC+1eD+1eS 2 successes, 1 threat

1 defense point 1 strain.

All hands: phase 2 skulduggery negate setback CD, boost from trust: 2eP+2eA+1eB+1eC+2eD 2 successes, 1 advantage

1 defense point, heal 1 strain.

All hands: phase 3 Ranged light, boost from trust: 3eP+1eB+1eC+2eD 4 successes, 4 threat, 1 Triumph

3 defense points 4 Strain

5 defense points total. Total 4 strain taken.
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Tethys Carrack » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:27 pm

Tethys is literally napping when the alarm sounds, catching a brief rest before the impending ground operations. She rolls out of her bunk and grabs for her lightsaber--no time for armor--and scrambles to the nearest defense point, catching some fire along the way--and narrowly avoiding worse, as an incendiary grenade goes off right on the other side of a blast door she'd just tumbled through a moment before.

Regrouping with a handful of other crew, she holds up the rear as they make their way to the point where the Valiant Star's captain has ordered them to cut off the boarders' retreat, deflecting blaster bolts away from the unarmored crew and slashing door control panels to slow their pursuers.

D12 LA All Hands--pt. 1 Report to Stations, average Discipline with upgrade + setback + trust: 2eP+2eA+1eB+1eC+1eD+1eS 1 failure, 1 advantage, 1 Despair
Clever Man reroll, that was silly D12 LA All Hands--pt. 1 Report to Stations, average Discipline with upgrade + setback + trust: 2eP+2eA+1eB+1eC+1eD+1eS 0 successes, 2 advantage

4 damage, 4 strain, 1 boost to next roll

D12 LA All Hands--pt. 2 Remember your Training, Hard lightsaber w/ upgrade + setback + Trust: 2eP+2eA+1eB+1eC+2eD+1eS 2 successes, 2 advantage

All Hands pt. 2 forgotten boost from prior advantage: 1eB 0 successes

Summary: +1 Defense point, +1 boost to next roller.
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Ashla Vyliis » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:20 am

War is Hell. Ashla remembered these words as the blood and death swirled around her. She was used to death. But this was chaos and it shook her to her core. She tried to focus and save lives, but it was for nothing. Well, not for nothing. She some Mandolarions saw her and shot her. Hopefully, someone would benefit from her distraction. Hurting badly, Ashla left the battlefield when she could.

Discipline: 1eA+1eP+1eB+1eC+1eD+1eS 1 failure
ImageImageImageImageImageImageBoost From Tet I Forgot: 1eB 0 successes

Medicine Boost From Physician's Kit+M2 RZ: 2eA+2eP+1eB+2eD+1eC 0 successes, 3 advantage
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageRound 2: Forgot Trust Bonus and Required Setback: 1eB+1eS 1 failure

+1 Success (droid) and +1 Advantage for a total of 0 Successes and 4 Advantage


0 Defense Point

Total Defense Points: 54 (I think)

9 Wounds and 8 Strain taken

+2 Boosts to the next player
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Hamelin » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:05 am

As the Apostle of Death, Hamelin walks the path of battle with no hesitation on his part when the Mandalorians attack. He calmly reads all the attacks during the chaos surrounding him. The proves to be untouchable as his uses the Force to toss the Mandalorian invaders around like rag dolls.

/ Phase One - Report to Stations.
Discipline. Trust. Boost from Ashla. 2eP+2eA+3eB+2eD+1eS = 4 Success, 3 Advantage, 1 Triumph
+2 Defense Points, Advantages for Boost to next roll.

Phase Two - Remember your Training.
Vigilance. Trust. Talents. Boost from previous roll. 2eP+2eA+4eB+3eD+1eS = 8 Success, 2 Advantage
+1 Defense Point, Advantages for Boost to next roll.

Phase Three - Push Them Back.
Force Move. Discipline. Trust. Boost from previous roll. Destiny. 3eP+1eA+2eB+3eF+3eD = 2 Success, 1 Advantage
Ah, forgot to add in Force dice but already made this roll.
+2 Defense Points

Hamelin Total: +5 Defense Points
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby V1-V0 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:13 pm

"Repel Boarders!"

Veeone marched to its duty station. A little too quickly and took a blaster bolt to the chest for getting in front of its squad. Still that was it's job, getting hit so the squishy organics did not have to.

Once in position it needed to locate the Mandalorians that were sniping at the squad. Oh, how it had become to despise snipers in this campaign. Dashing from cover to cover it soon triangulated their locations from the barely missing blaster bolts.

"Danger enemy snipers in the vicinity. Suggest maximal firepower on location this unit is about to designate."

Receiving the nod from the rest of its duty team, Veeone stood and unleashed its heavy blaster rifle at the snipers location. The rest of the squad joined in, including a couple of low yield grenades to help things along.

"Calculating ninety nine point one six percent chance of enemy sniper neutralisation."

A bloodied Mandalorian helmet rolled out from the location with a blaster burn through the faceplate. Veeone looked down at it.

"Make that one hundred percent."

Start with 1/19 wounds and 0/11 Strain

All Hands Phase 1. Cool. 1 boost from Trust: 1eA+1eP+1eB+1eD+1eC 0 successes, 4 advantage

Missing Setback for Phase 1: 1eS 1 failure

0 Defense Points
6/19 Wounds
2/11 Strain
1 Boost for next roll

All Hands Phase 2. Athletics. 1 Boost from Trust. 1 Boost from previous roll. Setback removed by Talent.: 4eA+1eP+2eB+2eD+1eC 1 success, 1 advantage

1 Defense Point
6/19 Wounds
2/11 Strain

All Hands Phase 3. Ranged(Heavy). 1 Boost from Trust.: 1eA+3eP+1eB+2eD+1eC 2 successes, 2 advantage

2 Defense Points for 3 total Defense Points from V1.
6/19 Wounds
2/11 Strain

1 Boost to the next roller.
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Delmi Koor » Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:45 pm

Delmi heard the alarms blasting through the corridors as the Mandalorians began their sneak attack. She grabbed her gear and ran out to the position she was assigned to defend in case of such an attack. Her pistols now numbered three... 'The Pew' as it was called was strapped to her waist, a terrible weapon of death that would make life oh so much easier for her if used. But when the first metal heads appeared down the corridor, her hand didn't reach for the disruptor pistol... her hands brought forth the two pistols that she had relied on so frequently over the years.

After laying out the first troop, Delmi sneaked in behind the Mandalorian position and began to observe their movements. As she watched them carefully from their flank, one mandalorian helmet caught her eye.

That's the bastard who took my arm... She thought to herself as she watched the man fall into rank. Delmi plucked a grenade from off her belt and casually tossed it in the middle of the man's group.

With a loud explosion the mandalorians went flying in different directions. Delmi opened fire on the group as she heard Republic reinforcements lay down a sheet of blaster fire from the adjacent hallway. The helmet-heads began to break almost immediately and fled back towards their transport as they were mowed down. The man Delmi had spotted made a beeline for the walkway back into his ship but stopped cold as a pair of well placed shots put the man down for good...


D12 All Hands, Cool Check, Trust, V1 Boost: 2eA+1eP+2eB+1eD+1eC+1eS 1 success, 2 advantage

D12 All Hands, Stealth Check, Trust, Round 2: 4eA+1eP+1eB+2eD+1eC+1eS 4 successes, 3 threat

D12 All Hands, Light Ranged Check, Trust, Round 3, Destiny: 2eA+3eP+1eB+2eD+1eC 2 successes, 3 threat

Total: 4 Defense Points, 6 Strain
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Chase » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:56 am

T7-B8 beeped righteously! Rolling quickly beside Chase as she ran with her helmet in hand. Fixing her suit as T was loaded into her ship the woman watched outside, the movements of her hands practiced enough, and got an idea of the situation outside. With the all clear wave from one of the deck crew she snapped from the sight of the fight and climbed up into her ship. Helmet on she was tied into the comm systems.

T beeped, "You got it T, we're doing this thing."

Launching outside Chase joined the fight, making dangerous turns and daring loops to keep a solid update one where boarding parties were making landfall. Giving those fighting on the inside a proper advantage with what they needed while keeping herself relatively safe and on hand for the good fight.

Day 12, All Hands! | Cool Challenge Average, Setback: 1eP+1eA+1eD+1eC+1eS 1 failure

Day 12, All Hands! | Hard Piloting Space Challenge, Setback [Removed Skilled Jockey], Destiny Upgrade [Player]: 4eP+1eC+2eD 1 success, 2 advantage, 1 Triumph

Net: 5 Wounds, 4 Strain
2 Defense Points, Success + Triumph
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Re: [Day 12 - Late Afternoon] All Hands!

Postby Sabine Kelborn » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:00 am

Sabine ran point as she was followed by some clan Kelborn soldiers.

"C'mon, do you want to live forev- ow!" She was greeted by a welcoming shot.

"Ugh. Flank around while I draw their attention!" The tactic seemed to work, as the mandalorian group attacked through a service route. Even while being attacked, the kryze fighters seemed to focus on the poor blue Mandalorian. "You kriffing assholes! Ow! Ow!"


D12 All Hands, 2nd attempt, Leadership, Command, Trust, Hard, 1 upgrade, 1 setbac: 1eA+2eP+2eB+2eD+1eS+1eC 1 failure, 2 advantage

5 wounds taken

Roll #2:
D12 All Hands, 2nd attempt, roll #2 Leadership, Command, Trust, Hard, 1 upgrade, 1 setbac: 1eA+2eP+2eB+2eD+1eS+1eC 1 success, 2 advantage

Roll #2:
D12 All Hands, 2nd attempt, roll #3 Ranged Heavy, Trust, Hard, Upgrade, Setbavk: 2eA+2eP+1eB+1eC+1eS+2eD 0 successes, 3 advantage

8 wounds, 5 strain taken
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