Basic Rules of Character Creation


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Character Creation will be standard as in the books, Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, and Force and Destiny. Allowed species are all species from those books, Force and Destiny, plus those listed on this site. Specializations from the other books are allowed.

Rules Mods: Every character in this game will be allowed to choose a Background which grants an additional skill at Character Creation, this bonus skill cannot take a skill above 2 as per normal character creation rules.


  • Military Training: The character was in the military, Republic or Imperial; or perhaps they served as mercenary or part of a private security force. The character can choose between Ranged Light (Agility) 1 or Leadership (Presence) 1.
  • Criminal Background: The character was involved with the wrong side of the law, maybe they served in a gang or were involved in organized crime. The character can choose between Skullduggery (Cunning) 1 or Stealth (Agility) 1.
  • Galactic Professional: The character was in a high skill training occupation, perhaps a lawyer or doctor or high powered business man. The character can choose between Knowledge Education (Intellect) 1 or Medicine (Intellect) 1.
  • Wealthy Galactic Citizen: You come from nobility or great wealth, perhaps from a noble line or from a wealthy family before you chose a life of adventure. Character can choose between Knowledge Core Worlds (Intellect) 1 or Charm (Presence) 1
  • Slave Origins: You were at one time enslaved, either born into it or forced into it through circumstances of your life. Perhaps it was a punishment or you were taken by slavers, that life has hardened you. The characters can choose between Brawl (Brawn) 1 or Resilience (Brawn) 1.
  • General Citizen: One of the numberless masses living in the galaxy, you lived a fairly ordinary life before destiny chose you for something more, perhaps greatness or infamy. The characters can choose between Streetwise (Cunning) 1 or Piloting Planetary (Agility) 1.
  • Science or Academic: You have pursued a life of knowledge either in science or in general academics, perhaps you are or were a teacher or an inventor. The character can choose between Knowledge Education (Intellect) 1 or Mechanics (Intellect) 1.
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