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Miralukans are a near human species that are nearly identical to humans except they lack eyes, only having vestigial eye sockets. They are a rare species and are considered highly attuned to the Force so much so that they can see via form of Force vision. Force sensitives tend to appear brighter in their sight. This form of vision means that bright light or darkness does not affect a Miraluka and they tend to have a philosophical if practical approach to the Force given their unique connection.

Physiology: They run the gambit of humans and near-humans, but they exist within the normal ranges though they tend to be quiet and refined.

Society: Miralukan society is reflective and contemplative. They are not a numerous species and their home world was destroyed long ago due to natural instability in the planet rendering it uninhabitable.

They are uncommon within the Republic and very rare within Imperial space, they tend to pursue Force based careers, and quite a few become Jedi in good standing. They have their own language, Miralukese but often speak Basic fluently.

Homeworld: Miraluka is a dead world, the Miralukans have spread throughout the galaxy though in small numbers.

Perception of the Force: Force Sensitivity is high among this species, in fact they are nearly all Force Sensitive in some way due to their Force sight, but not all have the same connection.

Species Abilities: Brawn 2, Agility 1, Intellect 2, Cunning 2, Willpower 3, and Presence 2

Wound Threshold: 10 + Brawn

Strain Threshold: 11 + Willpower

Starting Experience: 100 XP

Special Abilities: Miralukans begin play with Discipline 1 due to their high sensitivity. Miralukans also have Force Sight, they can see via their Force Sensitivity and cannot be blinded by normal means. They also can see in complete darkness, though anything invisible to the Force is invisible to them as well and their sight can be overwhelmed in places of high Force Sensitivity such as a Vergence.
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