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The Mess Hall is a long portable structure with a sizable kitchen in the back staffed by droids. The food is passable, much of it freeze dried food stuffs from various suppliers. Badera Varn does her best to supplement these supplies with local sources when possible and working with the Bankor Resistance makes it a bit easier to get fresh food options. The Mess Hall never closes, soldiers are provided up to four meals a day unless rationing is in effect. Given the wide variety of worlds and species in the Republic there is a wide variety of food choices ready to be prepared.

Typically the soldier reviews the menu makes their choices and the droids prepare the food choices in minutes as much of it is precooked freeze dried food. Fresh options take longer but often no more than fifteen to twenty minutes at worst.

The Mess Hall can easily seat four hundred soldiers at a time though many get their meals to go and there are video screens tuned to the Republic Armed Forces Network for ample entertainment.

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