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[ME9 - The Turtle] Wraith in the Night

Postby Durasay Mixo » Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:15 pm

Durasay was conspicuously absent from the Jizz Night at the Rec Center. Not because he disliked music, but because he wanted others to have a good time, and the organizer and he had a history. One that likely wasn't going to be forgotten about any time soon. It also afforded him time. Time alone, in his quarters, aboard the Turtle. He had made sure that the door had been locked behind him, as the tall Pantoran looked about his room. Spartan, the only ornamentation really being present upon his small desk. A picture, framed. One of Darwi Thessala, a host of a radio program back on Nar Shaddaa.

He smiled at it, running a hand over the frame for a moment, before flipping it over. Sliding his finger along the frame again, until it clicked, and a small data chip slipped free. One that had been given him before leaving the Smuggler's Moon. The chip was then slid into his datapad, and Durasay slid down into his seat. Bringing up the data, his eyes looked over the information. Notes he had made, questions asked and answered. During those brief moments where he had been with his Master. Information that he would commit to memory, that he should not have. If there were Jedi or even Sith who saw him reading this.

The Teachings of a Master to an Apprentice. His own musings on the Force, especially details of the glimpses into the future he had been receiving. But that was not his focus this night, no. Durasay was looking over notes on ancient techniques. Construction, and more importantly, the details of the weapon of those ancient orders. And another, a tradition of smiths and forgers who were knowledgeable in the Force. This was a Path that seemed to be calling to Durasay. And with the Conflict welling within him, he could see it coming into focus. His steps would be paved with anger and righteous retribution. His plans for the heavy battle armor were in another tab behind the one he was looking at. As he read, the music of Darwi played, something slow and soothing, but dark in the undertones. Durasay breathed in slowly, as focused on the task at hand.

He had promised he would return a juggernaut. He was well on his way to doing so.
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