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This was a hiding spot that he had never seen before. Its access point was hidden in plain sight with a door no one ever used or questioned. That came as no surprise, however; Chax was certain that the legendary Thera Ordo had countless more spots just like it. He wondered if the woman would abandon it afterwards or if she simply trusted his reputation as a professional.

A humanoid figure sat in the middle of the room under the overhead lamp. His chair, which he had been tied to, and the light source were the only pieces of furniture inside. He had a bag over his head and was presumably gagged during transportation. His muffled squeals of fear sounded like one from a younger sort. "Do you mind?" Chax asked with a cigarette already in his fingers. He had seen much as his cleaner but it had become a force of habit to smoke around corpses or soon-to-be ones. His employer stopped pacing around and shook her head as ways of permission.

He had a theory that she brought him here because she did not want to make a show out of his death. He also assumed that she had reservations against killing him, given the pace and her usual demeanor gone. Under normal circumstances, he would feel impatient. Their relationship, though, was long standing.

When Thera finally spoke up, her words were in Mando'a. Her ally acted as if he had no idea what she was saying but the language was part of his repertoire. "Di'kut. I groomed you for so much potential and then you failed. I gave you a chance to leave and you stayed. You even tried to continue work as a mercenary." She drew her blaster before Chax had even noticed. The barrel went onto her victim's forehead and his screams heightened. "Chances upon chances, Melv. I have to wonder if you even understand the language because you clearly never understood our people. No. My people."

A sudden knock on the door was met with another pistol being leveled at the door. Her suit's helmet built itself over her usually demure face. Though unique in its making, it still featured the signature T shape of the Mandalorians. "Hold, Mando'ad," a man's voice announced from the other side. He too spoke in Mando'a. "I am not here to fight."

"Leave," she told him, "And do not come back."

"Oh, come on, Thera. I hope you will at least hear me out." The newcomer did not hesitate at all to open up the door. Chax figured that he was sure she would not open fire on a man coming in from the street. Once he was inside, he nudged the door shut with his armored boot and flashed an arrogant smile. "Come on, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Thera turned both blasters to face the man. "You could have approached me at any other time, member of Varad. Is this really worth risking your life over."

The Clan name spurred his memory. This newcomer was Orar Varad, a man of great notoriety. His favorite pastimes seemed to be pillaging and murder. "Haran, it isn't your style to murder in cold blood when there isn't any profit in it. I'm not a threat," Orar claimed with his arms extended. His suit had embedded weapons clearly removed before he had come in. There were no weapons other than his ritual blade at his hip and the only thing in his hand was his helmet. "No, Thera, I've come to ask for a favor."

A pistol went back to Melv's forehead. "Related to this man, then?"

"Of course! Hence the urgency, Thera. Now, see, you and the rest of Clan Ordo may not want anything to do with him anymore. However, I think he would have an excellent place within Clan Varad." He held up his free hand when she pressed the barrel harder, as if he had expected that reaction. "And you'll be compensated for that."

Her fingers pressed lightly on both triggers. Chax stomped out his cigarette and inched his hand closer to his concealed vibro-knife. "And what could you possibly offer me?"

Orar perked both a brow and a corner of his lips before turning his head to the non-Mandalorian. "I'd hate to make an offer with an aruetii around."

After a few moments of deliberation, all she said to him was, "Go." Chax glanced at both of them before leaving with a blank expression. From there on, he had only one conclusion about the meeting: whatever his offer was, it was enough to sway her. Another rabid dog was inducted into the ranks of Mandalorians. He had no idea what leverage he had, why the man was so important, or even Thera's stake in anything. Some questions, though, were best left unanswered.

All that talk of honor. But warriors are all the same, it seems.
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