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Two months before the events of the Liberation of Bankor…

The transition to normal space was always jarring for Gena, she never really enjoyed the sensation and distracted herself by checking her blaster to make sure everything was in working order. She looked over at Lelia who worked the controls with practiced ease and a wild eyed grin. Gena never liked that look, it meant that Lelia was excited and an excited Lelia usually meant things were going to get exciting much sooner than she liked.

“You worry too much,” Lelia said breaking the silence as she set the Verak Zephyr on an intercept course with an asteroid.

Gena tucked her blaster away and said, “I don’t trust your friends.”

Lelia laughed and stood stretching before she said, “Friends is a strong word, more like close acquaintances twice removed.”

“I don’t know what that means… you said these were close friends to Yanos… you lied,” she said realizing the truth.

“It’s not a lie, it’s just a really optimistic truth,” Lelia responded with her playful smile. “Just trust me, look tough, don’t take any kriff from anyone and this will go smoothly. We’ll have some shiny new blasters for the cause and more importantly maybe new contacts.”

“Right,” Gena said rising as well, already regretting volunteering for this mission.

The Verak Zephyr landed on a small landing pad on the asteroid under a pressurized energy dome. A second ship was already present and a trio of upstanding outer rim business man were milling about. Two, both male humans, sat on large containers and the third a female chiss looked impatiently at her datapad.

Lelia and Gena made their way down the ramp, Lelia smiling broadly and Gena looking dour. The chiss woman hissed in Huttese, “You’re late.”

Lelia responded in kind, “Minor complications, can we see the goods?”

The chiss woman narrowed her eyes briefly and then gestured to her allies who brought over a box and opened it revealing neatly stowed blaster rifles. The woman said in Huttese, “Forty thousand credits.”

Lelia whistled at the goods and then frowned at the price. She said, “We agreed on thirty thousand credits, don’t do me dirty. We had a deal.”

“That was before you made us wait,” the chiss replied sternly. To reinforce her words, the human thugs placed their hands in their coats.

Lelia frowned as her mind played out possible violent scenarios. She closed her eyes and felt the fear in the woman, and the raw naked violence in her associates. It was a setup, or it became a setup. She felt herself slide out of her physical body ad see the entirety of the asteroid; she could feel and see everything around her even in the smuggler’s ship. There was one more there an anxious pilot, ready to be done with this.

Gena glanced at her companion and knew there was only one way this would be solved. Thankfully Gena came prepared, she dove for cover as her wrist mounted dagger slid into her hand. She throw the keen blade right into the chiss’ throat catching the smuggler off guard as she landed behind a cargo box.

Lelia drew her own blaster pistol as the thugs let out a spray of blaster bolts towards the duo. One grazed her leg but the damage was far less then it would have been if she had not seen it coming. The chiss gurgled as she pawed at the blade in her throat. Lelia opened fire, she was never the best shot with her blasters but figured she could make up for accuracy with quantity and keeping them pinned down would allow Gena to do what she did best.

Gena slapped an energy clip into one of the fresh blaster rifles and opened fire catching one of the thugs in his shoulder. Then a second blast finished him, hitting him solid in the chest.

Lelia could send the pilot running down the ramp and tossed a stun grenade that put him out commission with a bright flash. His body tumbling down the rest of the ramp. The remaining thug opened his eyes wide at how quickly these two had made short work of his crew but he would not have long to ponder as Gena finished him off with a blaster bolt right between the eyes.

Gena said, “Well the goods work.”

Lelia peeked out from the cover as she assessed the damage. She would have to ask Gena just where she picked up those skills but for now she was glad the grad student was on her side… she must have come from a rough background. Lelia finally said, “Let’s get these crates on the ship.”

Two hours later as they made their way back to Bankor in hyperspace Lelia tore through the boxes until she found a small data chit. Gena looked at the data chit and said, “What’s that.”

“I am hoping it is good news, or this was all just wild bantha chase,” Lelia responded. She took the data chit and put it into her datapad and after using a cipher command a holographic message played.

A hologram of Senator Saresh appeared and said, “Greetings Bankor Resistance operative, I am Senator Saresh of the Republic Senate and I bring good news. The Republic is coming to aid your world…”

Lelia smiled as she listened to the message… it was damn good news indeed.
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