Republic Strategic Information Services

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Republic Strategic Information Services

While Imperial Intelligence is a pillar of the Imperial war machine and a venerable entity, the SIS, or Strategic Information Services division is a relatively young information gathering organization in the midst of transformation from a small decryption information entity into a fully fledged Intelligence gathering operation.

Agents for the SIS typically are recruited as adults, from universities, law enforcement, military, and even criminals. The SIS is a professional organization with a close relationship with the Republic military and focuses their work on providing intelligence that aids the war effort and supports the diplomatic corps. The SIS is a growing force of professionals and have a variety of agents in the field operating in small cells out of disguised field offices.

The primary function of the SIS is to monitor the Sith Empire and keep tabs on individuals of interest, identify threats, and anticipate the enemy. The organization is smaller than Imperial Intelligence but is much more mobile and agents have a great deal of freedom to act and also have valid retirement plans… assuming they don’t die in the field.

The SIS is pretty informal and operations tend to be run with an eye for mobility. Safe houses are built to be easily disposed of if compromised and agents tend to be attached to cells instead of a massive organized structure, this decentralizes information but also keep them malleable and quick to adapt. The SIS also tends to insert themselves with resistance forces in the field to counter Imperial aggression, often utilizing these resistance groups as recruiting pools.
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