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Galactic Republic Senate

The Senate and Representatives of the various worlds of the Republic assembled on Coruscant to form the Senate, the governing body of the Republic. This democratic structure gave all member worlds a chance to influence and adjudicate galactic affairs.

In practice it is a bit of a bureaucratic mess and although the Republic has power much of that power is tied into the support of the member worlds. Each member state is bound by law and tradition to defend the Republic but in practice some worlds tend to carry more of the burden than others. All worlds are highly encouraged to provide military support and economic support which keeps the Republic going but in recent years that support has flagged in sectors that feel they are not being adequately protected from the Imperial menace.
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First among equals in the Senate is the position of Supreme Chancellor, the figurative head of the Republic. It is not an executive branch and in practice the position does not actually hold more power but they do have the ability to make some executive decisions, hold special sessions of the Senate, and use their position to get around usually protocol. They can also be removed with a vote of No Confidence at any time.

The current Supreme Chancellor is Dorian Janarus a well respected career politician. He is a bit out of touch with the common man but he has the full support of the Republic and has been a guiding hand in these troubled times. He is on good terms with the Jedi Council and often relies on them for aiding with internal matters which does create friction with the Republic Military who believe the Supreme Chancellor should be doing more to counter the Imperial threat.
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