Republic Military

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Republic Military

The Republic military is a collection of armed forces that serve and protect the Republic. Each member world usually maintains their own military forces in addition to supporting the Republic Armed Forces. It is a volunteer force made up of sentient beings from across the Republic.

There are primarily Naval Space forces and Ground Military units and the ranks are pretty similar with enlisted ranks and an Officer corps in both. Advancement is meritocratic, usually based on performance and years of service. Republic forces have a flexible doctrine that is based on minimizing casualties and collateral damage.

Compared to the Imperial Military, the Republic has a much larger force but the size tends to fluctuate quite bit as military service is not compulsory on most member worlds. Training tends to be the responsibility of the member world based on agreed standards, though more elite training happens on the Core Worlds of the Republic. As a volunteer force most soldiers do not serve for life, compensation is competitive though rarely lucrative, but there are other benefits often afforded ex military members such as preference for government jobs, additional funding for secondary education, and other perks dependent on their member worlds.

Despite the larger military force on the whole the Republic has a much larger territory to cover and defend spreading their forces thin. Equipment tends to be serviceable but not always the most top of the lines especially for poorer member world or worlds on the fringes of the Republic while Core Worlds tend to have more advanced equipment and better training. Another issue is that the Republic Military has a great deal more oversight from the civilian government which can sometimes hamper their response or capabilities in the field. Even so the Republic Armed Forces have a great deal more latitude and flexibility in completing objectives than their Imperial counterparts and also much more lax disciplinary measures, death is reserved for the most heinous offenses.

Jedi and the Military

Jedi are a complex subject for the Republic forces, on the one hand they are elite forces that bring a variety of unique and powerful abilities to any military unit. They are dangerous in close combat and very effective in non-traditional military missions. The problem is that they are not soldiers, they are not trained as soldiers, and they don’t consider military objectives in the same way.

Jedi tend to be dedicated ending conflicts as quickly as possible with the minimal loss of life and do not believe in collateral damage if they can help it. Violence is not a goal of the Jedi and despite their often extensive fighting capabilities they prefer to end engagements with words more so than violence.

Their moral objections can complicate military objectives. Despite these shortcomings most troops welcome Jedi aid and see the Jedi as heroes. Jedi can lead military units, due to long standing treaties and traditions, but this is often rare. More often the Jedi act as specialists to bolster unit instead of leading it. This tends to be the more common role for Jedi in the post war era. Jedi that do lead do so only proving themselves by completing training programs or showing aptitude in the field.

This is a counterpoint to Imperial methodology where the Sith usually hold absolute power over their military subordinates. Jedi often work best when given wide latitude to complete their objectives free of military doctrine but those that have a thorough understanding of Republic Military Doctrine can work quite well together.

Jedi do not officially hold military ranks though in times of crisis they can at this juncture, they tend to frown upon taking military rank. In general they are afforded a great deal of respect and some distance as Jedi tend to be intimidating to most soldiers and civilians for what they can do.
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