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A rather complicated subject, the Mandalorians are seen as a scourge by both the Republic and the Empire and yet they are also revered in many warrior circles as some of the best fighters the Galaxy has ever seen. They are a people, they are a race, they have a home world of sorts and yet the Mandalorians do not limit themselves to any single species. Mandalorians can come from Mandalore and are basically humans, but a Mandalorian can be Chiss, twi’lek, zabrak, or any other species that earns the right to be Mando’ade.

In the past they have had great crusades and wars and brought thousands of worlds to heel only to be beaten back by the Jedi or the Empire. Yet the Mandalorians can never be stamped out as the clans disperse across the galaxy and sell their services as warriors, mercenaries, and bounty hunters testing themselves against the best of the galaxy.

One can be born on Mandalore and not be Mandalorian… just as easily as one can be born elsewhere and become Mandalorian. They have their own language that use liberally with Basic and adhere to their own warrior’s code. Mandalorians crave conflict and war, and testing themselves against the strongest in the galaxy be it powerful beast, skilled Jedi, or professional armies.

In the time of the Galactic War the Mandalorians have been scattered after crushing defeats at the hands of Revan and the Republic they are a shadow of what they once were and the clans fight amongst themselves for dominance. Yet there could come a time when a strong leader a true Mand'alor could rise and unite them… if such happened the galaxy could burn once more… Republic or Empire be damned.

Information: A useful site for Mandalorian words and phrases:
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