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Two major groups of Mandalorians are on Bankor to aid the Republic in combating the forces of Varo Kryze. Both are speculated to be instrumental in the coming battles and maintaining relations is of major concern.

Crusader's Schism
Centuries ago, Mandalore the Preserver reunited the Mandalorians for the cause of supporting the Republic against the Sith. Although a majority of them are ignorant of or even oppose such an edict, the Mandalorians underneath Jicoln Cadera remember it proudly. The most prominent allies of Clan Cadera are Clans Ordo, Itera, and Kelborn, though splinters from others certainly exist. On Bankor itself, Clan Chieftain Kyr'ad Kelborn leads the Mandalorians sworn to the cause.

Their relationship with the Republic is tenuous at best. The Mandalorians remain staunchly independent from the Republic and even disobey orders from Republic personnel they deem wrong. Relations with the Resistance are even worse, with incidents of friendly fire too frequent to be considered wholly accidental.

Mandalorian Irregulars
Unlike the Mandalorians under the Crusader's Schism, the Mandalorian Irregulars are officially members of the Republic Military. On Nar Shaddaa in 3656 BBY, Captain Niall Organa collaborated with now Lieutenant Vera Ordo to create the task force. Since then, they have served with the valor expected of their ilk and have even adapted to the standards expected of them as professional soldiers.

Their preferred tactics are as irregular as their allegiance to the Republic. Even before they signed on as soldiers, they were renowned or mocked for their prowess in black ops tactics, depending on the party asked. As such, their doings and numbers are often classified, but theorists imagine they cannot be too vast in number even with steady recruitment.

Finally, it is possible for mercenary groups outside of the two organizations to be helping the Republic as well. They are certainly less prominent and even less trusted. After all, who would trust a Mandalorian whose greatest loyalty is to the highest bidder?
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