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House Rules

PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:18 pm
by Dapper Dog
Changes to Maneuvers: When taking cover as s Maneuver gain +1 Ranged defense that stacks with current defense. If a character takes a Guarded Stance they gain +1 Melee defense that stacks with current defense. This makes both maneuvers useful when armored if one wants to fight defensively.

Critical Hits: Critical hits can be activated once per hit, this means if two weapon fighting you could activate a critical for each weapon if both hit. This also affects Auto-fire if one has enough advantage.

Move: When throwing a Silhouette 0 object the difficulty is Easy, same as Silhouette 1. Thrown Objects have a Critical rating of 4.

Sources of Defense: Defense from a Weapon and from Armor stacks; this does not apply to weapons in the offhand only the active weapon applies. This means if one has Armor that grants 1 Ranged Defense and they have a weapon that grants 1 Ranged Defense they have a total of Ranged Defense 2. This makes defensive weapons and gear more valuable.

Again this only applies to the active weapon not all weapons carried if two weapon fighting. The weapon you attack with is the Active weapon.

Illum Quality Crystals

These are quite common in this era and thus the price is half the listed price in the book, the other crystals are the same price as listed. This makes them 4500 (R) credits brand new with a Rarity of 6.

Committed Force Powers

You can walk around with a Force Power committed for a scene if you want but you cannot recover strain with Cool check at the end of the scene and doing so in this causes 2 strain. So say you decide to commit a Force Die to a power as you enter a ship in case of combat or other dramatic situation using the power in this way is taxing even if you drop it later in the scene you still suffer the strain and cannot regain strain with the Cool check for that time slot.

Now if you activate the Force ability in combat or in reaction to a scene and use it as normal then you do not suffer this strain as that is normal use, assuming you drop the power when the action stops.

Off-Hand Weapons and Shields

Off-hand weapons do not provide any passive benefits when two weapon fighting. Now if the player decides to fight defensively with an offhand weapon they can gain the Defensive or Deflection bonus of that item until their next turn, you cannot utilize two weapon fighting, meaning you can only make one hit as per the main weapon and you suffer setback dice equal the greater of the Defensive or Deflection quality to your attack. So one round they could fight defensively and then the next they use two weapon fighting dropping that defense and so on and so forth.

Shields are special and do not apply this penalty, but they provide no bonus if you use the shield as a weapon if you decide to use two weapon fighting with the weapon and the shield. As with Defense, if both weapons have Defensive or Deflection you only use the higher of the two, as they do not stack if you are fighting defensively with the offhand.

Customizing Gear

Remember adding an attachment is as simple as buying the attachment and then adding it to the gear as long as you have Hard Points, modding it takes 100 credits, plus an additional 100 credits for each additional mod, and a Hard Mechanics check increasing the difficulty by 1 for each additional mod done to the Attachment. Also doing a Mod takes a time slot, success or failure.

For Mods the difficulty caps at Formidable (5 purple), the difficulty dice Upgrade after that.

Ship Repairs

Ship repairs cost 500 credits per point of Hull Trauma taken, you don't have to do a skill roll as you hire people to do the repairs for you at the Space Port.

Doing it yourself is a Mechanics check with the right equipment, in general, the spaceport will not let you use their tool or facilities for yourself. This costs 250 credits per point with a proper Mechanics check based on the amount of Hull Trauma. Less the half HT is an Average check, more than half but less then 3/4 is Hard check and beyond 3/4 and not destroyed is Daunting check.

Re: House Rules

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:55 pm
by Dapper Dog
Star Wars Door Logic

If you need to get through a door or close a door in a hurry you can shoot or damage the panel with a weapon and choose what state the door stays in. The door will be open or closed and it stays that way, so for example a soldier comes upon a closed door and is in a hurry he shoots the panel and dictates that it is opened, it will remain open until the door is repaired.

This is Door Logic.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:05 am
by Dapper Dog
SNAP ROLL - Out-Of-Turn Incidental

Pilot Only: Yes
Silhouette: 1-4
Speed: 2+
Quick reflexes and fly-by-wire systems are not only important in maneuvering a ship into a superior attack position, but are also helpful to quickly respond to enemy fire blasting away a ship's shields and hull. Snap Roll allows pilots to utilize the maneuverability of their ship and their own exceptional skill to suddenly react to incoming fire. The pilot quickly rolls, dives, or climbs to avoid part of the incoming attack as soon as his shields and armor start getting hit by a volley of blaster bolts, or he times his maneuver so only part of a missile's detonation affects his ship.

When his ship is successfully hit by a Gunnery combat check, the pilot can elect to take a Snap Roll Incidental action and reduce the damage of the attack by the sum of their ship's Handling plus the pilot's Ranks in Piloting (Planetary or Space, whichever is applicable to the vehicle he's controlling). This sudden dodge puts the ship, and the pilot, under extreme stress and g-forces; when this incidental action is taken the ship suffers 3 System Strain (bypassing Armor) as the high-G maneuver taxes on-board systems and support surfaces. Additionally, the pilot suffers 3 Strain (bypassing Soak) as those same G-forces pull, crush, and exhaust him.

If a person is wearing a flight suit that reduces the amount of Strain incurred from Critical Hits to the ship, they reduce the Strain they take from a Snap Roll action to 1. Droids are immune to the personal Strain damage as long as they are at a station, locked in a droid socket, or have some other means to prevent them from being bounced around the ship's interior.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:58 pm
by Dapper Dog

Going forward, if you post to an event and do not include fluff, that roll will not count.