Primary moon of Bankor, called the Blue Eye by locals.

[Day 10 - Mid Night] Jo's Moon Circus of Delights

Postby Dapper Dog » Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:30 am

Located on the airless surface of the moon, Olandis, Jo has setup his freighter for one final shopping blaze of glory!

Jo welcomes you to his shop, all sales are final. One last chance for glory...

Jo's Select Stock

Broken Promise (Mandalorian Armor): Defense 1, Soak 3, Hard Points 3, Price 17,000 or 19 Duty, Encum 6, Rarity 8, Special: Cortosis, Superior, Revan's Word [Revan's Word: While worn if the player is reduced to less than 0 Wounds they immediately are healed for 6 wounds. This can happen only once per 24 hour period.] - Purchased

Dango's Lucky Die [Die]: Price 15,000 or 16 Duty, Encum NA, Rarity 8, Special: Snake Eyes [Snake Eyes: If one possesses Dango's Lucky Die they may reroll a single roll at the cost of 4 strain once per roll, this can be done up to three times per day at a cost of 4 strain for the first roll, then 6 strain for the next roll, and 8 strain for the third roll. If a Despair is rolled on the reroll no matter if successful Dango somehow learns you have her lucky die. Good luck.] - Purchased

The Pew [Disruptor Pistol]: Ranged Light, Dam 11, Crit 2, Range Short, Encum 2, Hard Points 1, Price 14,000 or 15 Duty, Rarity 7, Special: Vicious 4, Pew Pew, Superior [Pew Pew: This weapons has a distinctive sound but even more so it is very deadly, if 3 Advantage are generated it can be used to negate Reflect or generate a second hit as if Linked. If a Despair is generated the internal workings seize up and must be repaired with a Hard Mechanics check before it will work again, taking at least an hour.]
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Re: [Day 10 - Mid Night] Jo's Moon Circus of Delights

Postby Luth Khalan » Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:48 am

Luth had heard about this, and had wanted to go, but too much time doing other things... But now she had to prepare herself for the backstabbing and power games of the Empire. Some decent protection was needed.

The Mandalorian Armor jumped out at her immediately. That was it.

"Jo, if you would?"

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Re: [Day 10 - Mid Night] Jo's Moon Circus of Delights

Postby Tra Kize » Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:56 pm

Coming to see the man he had passed by in the sewers a month earlier to check out all of the rare goods he had, Tra's eye was caught by the lucky charm he had on display. "Interesting. You say this was previously the lucky charm of Dango the Hutt? Well then..." He shrugs quickly before arranging for appropriate payment.

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Re: [Day 10 - Mid Night] Jo's Moon Circus of Delights

Postby Tethys Carrack » Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:23 pm

Tethys enters the shop--ship?--shop?--having caught a ride with some shuttle techs from the Valiant Star who were also looking to do some off-the-books shopping. She frowns somewhat upon noticing the disruptor pistol given pride of place in the weapons display, but... this isn't the time or place to make a fuss, though she makes a mental note to warn Command to keep an eye out for a gun of that description coming on board.

She slips toward the proprietor. "Mr.--ah-- Mr. Jo, I wonder whether you stock spirits."

((If he does, looking to pick up three bottles of... something nice?))
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Re: [Day 10 - Mid Night] Jo's Moon Circus of Delights

Postby Hamelin » Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:10 am

Hamelin wanders into the odd store and notes the others and tries not to get in their way. It seems like the items here are selling like hot cakes. With only a single item left he looks at it for a while and debates what to do with it. While he has no use for it himself, maybe he can find someone else who may be worthy to spread the blessings of death with it.

He catches the attention of the owner Jo and points to the modified blaster. <Meep>
"I'll take that one."

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