The under-city of Rygor, popular place for criminals and resistance fighters to travel through.

Screwdriver (Day 6 Early Evening)

Postby Zanebry Varliss » Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:06 am

A journey to the forest called for the last minute gather of some odds and ends... You never know what you're going to encounter there after all. Walking through the sewers Zanebry made his way to the trash Bazaar... It might be the last time he'd be here for a while.


Water Purifier: 50 credits
Swimsuit for Lyseil: 60 credits.
10 field rations packs: 50 credits
4 stim packs: 100 credits

260 x 1.1 = 286

Surveillance Tagger:263
Neutral * Human* Freelance * Well Dressed * Retired Military * Drifter * Fast Hands * Experienced Hat

Gear: Audh'reh (blaster pistol), Izze'belle (blaster pistol), Noth (vibroknife, hidden), Hat Jacket, Gloves, stims, utility belt, secure comm link

Ship: Three Drinks Smells like: Whiskey, Cigarettes, Cologne
Zanebry Varliss
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