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Day 8 - Conditions on the Ground [June 23 through June 25]

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Current Theater: Viridian Sea - viewforum.php?f=27

Camp Location: The encampment is built into a tangle of trees some 500 meters above the forest floor in the broad large branches some fifteen klicks east of the Dark Sky Shrine.

Weather Conditions: Daylight hours the temperature peaks at 31 Celsius by the Late Afternoon, most of the day above 30 Celsius. At night it drops to 27 Celsius, and is very humid but no rain at least! Risk of the fever only exists in the Blight.

Security Measures: Due to a possible security breach brought to the attention of command, Jace has made the decision to expel all Resistance personnel from the camp and to move all unaligned ships to a separate hangar. Access to the Hangar is restricted for Unaligned people, outside of the hangar for their ships they cannot be unattended from Early Morning to Late Evening and banned in the night hours, restricted to their ships. Posters are put up for a person of interest, a man named Darius who has gone missing from the camp. If seen report to the Jedi.

Tremor: In the Mid Morning there is a mild tremor that knocks over loose items on desks and shakes beds but no serious damage. Force users feel a tremor in the Force, something significant has occurred but they are unsure of what. Those with Sense feel a significant loss of life as millions cry out in an instant and then nothing.


Day 8 - Late Morning - Hungry Like the Tu'kata
Day 8 - Late Afternoon - Jo's Afternoon Delight
Day 8 - Mid Evening - Total Recon

Operation Defiant Nexu: Defense Grid
Operation Defiant Nexu: Retinue Takedown
Operation Defiant Nexu: Support Team

Victory Points: 8/20

Total Victory Points: 45

Power: 13

Trust: 5.0 - The Republic Forces and Resistance are in total sync and have total trust and cohesion. Players gain a boost die to all of their rolls in an event/mission and Power is increased by 2 per day at the start of the Day where Trust starts at this rank.

Perk: Trust Perk: 1d10 9 - Explosive Support: The Resistance offers up some powerful equipment, each player gains one free use of a Frag Grenade.

Travel to previous theaters

It will require a transport or a personal ship and takes a time slot to travel to Rygor or Uthan Mil, so if you leave in Early Afternoon you arrive in the Late Afternoon.
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