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Intelligence Report: Viridian Sea Theater

Postby Jace Malcom » Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:40 am

Intelligence Report: Viridian Sea Theater

The locals call it the Viridian Sea, but it is more a sprawling jungle of kilometer tall trees with thick canopies and that block out much of the sunlight ever getting to the ground making the forest floor and anything under the thick canopy swathed in an eerie twilight.

The undergrowth and animal life have adapted with bioluminescent patterns common among the wildlife and plants. Population centers are rare, most people that live out in this region are either in seclusion or wanderers. There are no major population centers. Temepratures are humid and precipitation is common throughout the Bankor year. Expect hot humid days and nights, and use care traveling in the undergrowth the region. There is a high chance to be exposed to tropical disease and maladies, especially in the region called the Blight.

The Aznuri monks have retreated from their temple to an outpost called Dark Sky Shrine, a location in the trees some fifteen klicks from our tentative site location for the camp. Resistance presence is non-existent.

OOC: Some areas may expose the characters to possibly picking up a sickness this is a Hard Resilience check, though in the Blight it is a Daunting Resilience check without vacuum sealed clothing. If the fever is contracted it will take a day of rest and a Medicine check versus 1 Challenge die and 2 Difficulty dice with a setback due to the virulence to cure, this can be done once per day.

If the fever is contracted all checks have their difficulty increased by one and the difficulty upgraded by one. The fever is contagious as well being exposed to someone with the fever requires a Hard Resilience check unless they are in a clean area like the Medical tent.
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