Perception of Jedi

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Perception of the Jedi

To the common Republic citizen Jedi are a cool mystery, they have strange abilities and wield strange weapons and captivate the imagination. Few people will ever meet a Jedi, let alone have a discussion with one, and and so that adds to the mystery. In general people in the Republic have positive thoughts about the Jedi and see them as the good guys and heroes. Most people when they think of Jedi either picture them as robed monks with blazing swords or the image of Vera Hawke, they are heroic and larger than life. They don’t seem like real people, and also shrouded in mystery as few people understand the Force. They have heard of it, but for most it just isn’t part of their everyday life.

This in general works well for the Jedi as people are well disposed to them as guardians and protectors but it does cause some issues at times. Due to the mystery, it can be hard for the general populace to differentiate between a Sith and a Jedi. For the most part if a person wields a lightsaber and does weird magic things without the aid of obvious technology they consider them a Jedi. The Sith are known more in the core worlds but it is difficult for most to know the difference besides them being the bad guys in dark clothing who serve or rule the Empire. This line is further blurred as one of the famous heroes of the Republic, the Jedi hero Revan, was also once a Sith Lord. This can cause problems for Jedi for Sith or other opportunist force users may pose as Jedi to take advantage of the good will they have with the average Republic citizen.

Jedi don’t help this mysterious image much, they tend to be cryptic and vanish as quickly as they arrive. They don’t seem to be driven by wealth or power or even the desire to win someone’s hand which can make dealing with them intimidating. Jedi tend to be ascetic, but a Jedi in good standing has the vast resources of the Jedi Order behind them which includes ships, vast temples, and even whole worlds under their direct control. The arrival of a Jedi is one of celebration, awe, and fear. Jedi are peacekeepers, they don’t have to follow the normal criminal justice system and have leave to use lethal force if they deem it needed which some circles resent. Thankfully most Jedi tend to rely on their lightsaber and lethal force as a last resort preferring words and diplomacy.

In short Jedi are respected in society but they are mysterious and intimidating and the fact they only answer to their own can make others very nervous and leery of their presence.
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