Peace Accord of Nar Shaddaa

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The terms of the Nar Shaddaa Peace Accord signed in the waning days of 3656 BBY brought an end to galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. The primary stipulation is that neither government is to engage in outright direct military conflict and to cease all current conflicts.

This meant months more wrangling of which worlds would remain under Imperial control and which would remain under Republic control and demarcation lines of responsibility. The bulk of these negotiations happened on Corellia in follow up meetings to hammer out the exact details.

The Basic Details

  • Direct military conflict between the Republic and Empire is strictly prohibited and will violate the terms of the Peace Accord.
  • Trade between the two galactic states is strictly monitored by the respective governments but allowed.
  • Travel and communication between the two galactic states is strictly controlled and only allowed for official government, diplomatic, or trade purposes.
  • Official members of the respective militaries, unless under diplomatic dispensation, to include the Jedi and Sith, are not allowed on controlled worlds of the rival galactic state, i.e. Sith may not travel to Corellia unless attached to the Embassy in an official capacity.

There are two respective Embassies, one is currently in use on Corellia and a second is being constructed on Ziost and should be finished by the end of 3654 BBY.
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