Republic Specialty Organizations

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Below are some Specialty Organizations that are specific to the Republic, specifically the Jedi, Republic Military, or associated with the Republic at large.

The Sixth Line: An order of Jedi who works closely with the Republic Strategic Information Service, officially they were at one a small unit of Jedi Shadows who worked with the SIS. In time they broke away and are not officially affiliated with the Jedi, they are highly secretive order and virtually unknown outside of the Jedi Shadows and the SIS, even then they are not generally known. They follow the Jedi Code but added a sixth line, “There is no contemplation, there is only duty.” This gives them a great deal of freedom to engage in operations that many Jedi would consider disreputable or utilize tactics that many would see as dark or evil. Never large in number the Sixth Line are trained exclusively by other members and are led by Jedi Master Surro. The Sixth Line still think of themselves as Jedi but officially they are recognized by the Order at large.

Green Jedi of Corellia: The Corellian system has its own order of Jedi, the Green Jedi. They nominally follow the Jedi Code but are fiercely independent of the Jedi order on Coruscant and follow their own structure with a Jedi Lord leading them from Corellia. They also permit marriage and even have Jedi bloodlines, something that is not allowed by the Jedi Order, or at least not allowed without great oversight and observation. The Green Jedi are really only concerned with the Corellia system though, they don’t tend to travel too far afield but have been known to work outside the system if they feel the need is great sometimes clashing, not violently, with the Jedi Order.

Republic Honor Guard: Drawn from military and police forces, the Republic Honor Guard is separate from the Republic Armed Forces. They are a security force that serves the Senate directly. They work primarily as bodyguards and site security for embassies. They primarily work along aside senators and important Republic functionaries. They are highly trained and have a distinctive blue composite armor that they wear in the field, though most Republic Honor Guard tend to wear plain clothes, reinforced clothing armor and have access to military grade weapons and equipment.

Havoc Squad: One of the premier special forces teams in the Republic Armed Forces, highly unconventional and well trained Havoc Squad tends to generate heroes. They are ostensibly tied to the military and operate under their authority. Havoc Squad is small and mobile and deployed into situations often behind enemy lines to pull off dangerous often suicidal missions. Despite their fame, Havoc Squad’s activities are highly classified. Most do not stay with Havoc Squad for life but past members are allowed to wear the patch, and it often denotes a fast track to promotion.

Ghost Squadron: Ghost Squadron operates out of the Corellia Skunkworks, they are a squad of test pilots, often the best of the best. Military pilots through and through, they put their lives on the line to pilot the most advanced spacecraft the Republic can design and field. Ghost Squadron is made up of veterans typically with at least six to eight years of service often with the majority of that service in combat. Ex-members of Ghost Squadron often return to combat service and can wear the Ghost Wings denoting their service in the premier testing squadron.

The Starhawks: Another Republic Armed Forces unit, the Starhawks primarily do diplomacy and entertainment by flying stunt craft at military events and civilian events. They are one part promotion of the military and another part prestige unit displaying the best of the best in piloting. The Starhawks are well known throughout the Republic and quite beloved. Typically a pilot needs about five years of experience before they could even be considered and often ten years is the norm for application into the Starhawks with a typical pilot staying with the time for three to five years traveling all over the Republic.
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