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Major NPCs

Postby Dapper Dog » Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:05 pm

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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Jace Malcom » Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:16 pm

Jace Malcom is the leader of the Strike Force Aurek Falcon, a veteran of several conflicts and war hero many times over he has served with Havoc Squad and works well with the Jedi. He is a war leader, charismatic and authoritative he carries the burden of his people with grave seriousness. He cares about the people in his command and prefers to lead from the front. His body is badly scarred, but he does not let that slow him down. To the soldiers of the Republic he is an ideal and he works hard to live up to that ideal every day. He knows his force is probably underfunded but he is determined to aid the people of Bankor and liberate them from the Mandalorians.

Jace is pretty accessible but even so a character would need Contribution Rank 2+ to score a personal meeting with him by request.

  • Jace is a war hero maybe you have served with him the past?
  • Jace was there at the Battle of Korriban, maybe you were too?
  • He loves to play cards, and always has a worn pack on him.
  • An amateur fighter, he often trains with the men always looking to improve.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Yanos Kin » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:27 pm

Joint leader of the Resistance, Yanos is a thinker and not a soldier. He prefers to leave the fighting to his older brother and others more suited to the task. He is not a charismatic man in the typical sense but very analytical and can deduce a problem long before anyone else even realizes there is an issue. He worked with the Bankor Resistance before his sister died but became a guiding force after her execution. He provides guidance and more importantly the will to do the underhanded things that others may not have the stomach for.

He is respected though not exactly loved and comes off as a bit detached and even bewildered by common social interaction. Unlike his brother he concerns himself with the future of the movement and post-liberation Bankor, of which he wants to be an integral part.

  • Are you from Bankor? Maybe you met Yanos at University?
  • In his free time he dabbles in art in a variety of ways, though sculpture seems to be his favorite medium.
  • Yanos can be extreme, maybe he had someone you know killed on suspicion of being a Mandalorian sympathizer?
  • Yanos is interested in the future of Bankor and its role in the Republic.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Thazos Kin » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:32 pm

The heroic leader of the Bankor Resistance, Thazos is strong and courageous. An ex-Republic soldier, he served for eight years before he separated working in the Outer Rim as a mercenary before returning home after his sister was executed. He has used his tactical training to give the Bankor Resistance much needed discipline. He leads from the field and although he lacks a far reaching vision he makes up for that with sheer commitment to the cause and courageous zeal.

Thazos is rarely idle and he always tends to lend his efforts where the fighting is hardest. He is a bit of an outsider as he has been gone for so long but he has proved himself many times over and those that serve with him would follow him to Hell if need be.

  • Thazos is a veteran maybe you have served with him the past?
  • He loves a good Hutt Ball match!
  • Thazos is very interested in matters that affect the Zabrak people of Bankor
  • Vera Hawke is his favorite show, and he has seen every episode at least twice.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Badera Varn » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:38 pm

A veteran of many conflicts across the galaxy, First Sergeant Badera Varn is the consummate Republic Trooper. She cut her teeth on Balmorra, earning a reputation of a no-nonsense dedicated soldier willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. She is assigned to the Aurek Falcon Strike Force as a quartermaster and is in charge of logistics, supplies, and requisitions for soldiers in the field.

She was chosen for the job as she has many contacts on Bankor, not a native, but a well traveled and resourceful woman. If she ever separates from the military she probably has a future as a smuggler.

  • Badera was stationed all across the Outer Rim, maybe you knew her then?
  • Badera has many female lovers across the galaxy, maybe you dated once?
  • She comes from a lineage that once claimed to be Mandalorian.
  • She loves weapons and loves talking equipment and customizations.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Vasir Rexa » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:47 pm

A scientist trained in Imperial space, she earned her doctorate on Makeb and has spent the last decade traveling the Outer Rim cataloguing interesting sites of historical significance. Vasir Rexa focuses her studies on Force sensitive cultures and organizations of the past. She has released a few academic works discussing the development of these Force sensitive societies and their impact on galactic society.

She was able to attach herself to the Strike Force by appealing to Senator Saresh about the historical significance of several sites on the planet in need of further study, protection, and cataloging. Despite the fact she is a civilian she carries protection and seems to be trained with small arms, enough to keep predators away.

  • Looking for history or ruins on Bankor, she probably knows something about it.
  • Well versed in the histories of many Force using societies across the galaxy.
  • Not exactly famous but she has written academic articles on a variety of topics pertaining to Force sensitives.
  • She is a doctor, not the medical kind but has her Doctorate in Xeno Cultural Studies.
  • Her accent makes her standout.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Vain Taskar » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:56 pm

A man of many talents, Vain Taskar has left Nar Shaddaa and turned his skills at being a private detective into a career of freelance journalism for a variety of Republic based news outlets. His history is difficult to track, he tends to just pop up where he is least expected and vanishes. What is known about him is that he can find people, and find stories with uncanny ease.

There are rumors about the man that he is an SIS agent, or an Imperial spy… or a Hutt agent provocateur. Others say that he is just a two-bit conman with a killer smile. What is known is that he has an eye for striking holo-images and his work is in demand back in the Republic.

  • Vain has a talent for finding people or useful information.
  • Maybe you were on Nar Shaddaa and recognize him from his private detective days?
  • He always knows a good place to eat.
  • Need a good holo-journalist, he is your man.
  • His current pet project is doing biographies of soldiers on Bankor, want an interview?
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Lelia » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:09 pm

A local commercial pilot, sometimes smuggler, most times legitimate business woman, Lelia is a popular local figure. She joined up with the Bankor Resistance to help the world of her birth. She feels a great deal of compassion for her neighbors. Raised on the streets, she does not have much memory of her birth family and has a more street mentality with a heart of gold.

She knows a great deal about Bankor, places on and off the beaten path and a skilled pilot. Her ship the Verak Zephyr is a nimble craft capable of hauling goods quickly around the system. She has taken it upon herself to be the official liaison between the Republic and the Bankor Resistance. She does not hide the fact she is Force sensitive but she does not like to talk about it.

  • Moved trade goods in the Bankor system, then you may know Lelia.
  • From Bankor, especially the urban settings, you may know Lelia.
  • Lelia is an amateur gearhead and loves to work on restoring old speeders on the side.
  • Lelia is curious about the Jedi.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Lunda Mae » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:22 pm

Lunda is a talented Jedi padawan, a bit reckless and plays fast and loose with the Jedi Code but a good soul and well liked. She is smart and well trained and never really feels challenged. Her master, Jedi Master Vandu Pix believes that this conflict is the perfect crucible to allow the young Jedi to mature and understand the consequences of her actions.

She is eager to prove herself and also quite taken aback by how attractive the Republic uniform is. Lunda wants to be a good Jedi but she sometimes feels that all the rules get in the way.

  • Jedi may know of the promising student of Vandu Pix.
  • Lunda spent most of her time on Coruscant, maybe you met her there?
  • Lunda has a strong gift for seeing the future.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Leontyne Saresh » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:19 am

If there was a single person responsible for getting Strike Force Aurek Falcon off the ground, it would be the Senator Leontyne Saresh of Bankor. From the moment the Mandalorians landed on the planet she has worked tirelessly to bring the plight of Bankor to the galaxy. The Senate was reluctant to act, so soon after the peace treaty and it would take constant lobbying and pulling every string she could manage to get forces committed to the endeavor.

Once it became a reality she decided to join the effort personally to show the people of Bankor that the Republic has not forgotten about them. She has no interest in runnig the local government but very interested in who is in control and would prefer someone who work closely with the central government.

As a person, Saresh is personable but sometimes seen as opportunistic. She is rarely not On, especially in public. She chooses her words carefully and can come off a bit distant and scripted when around the general public. Despite that she does get along well with people and has opted for a more rugged and functional aesthetic while on Bankor, though she has the more impressive wardrobe waiting when the time comes.

  • The senator spends much of her time on Coruscant, maybe you have worked with her in the past?
  • Interested in politics or forming political ties with Bankor, she is always looking to build relationships.
  • Leontyne is outspoken on the plight of twi'leks in the galaxy, she works to improve conditions for the under represented regardless of species.
  • Senator Saresh never shies away from hard work or danger, it makes her more approachable.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Gena Yon » Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:42 pm

At one time a nursing student at a university on Bankor, she never had a chance to graduate and now works with the Bankor Resistance as a medic and freedom fighter though she does not like resorting to violence and fighting in general. She is young in appearance and was only a second year student before the war. Despite that she is a calm and collected operative and has a variety of skills that have made her useful to the resistance.

Her family was killed in the early days of the fighting so all she has is the resistance. She works tirelessly and despite her youth has a position of some leadership within the resistance, and the respect and admiration of her peers for her work.

  • Need to get patched up, Gena can get you back into the fight.
  • Gena wants a peaceful solution to the fighting, she hates the suffering.
  • She is young despite her maturity, and likes to hear about new things or exotic places.
  • Not exactly a gossip, but she tends to know a lot about the people in the Resistance.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Chief Po'xin » Mon Apr 09, 2018 6:25 pm

Having had thirty-three years of service, Chief Po’xin has been around the galaxy and back. He was supposed to retire three years ago but stayed on because he genuinely loves the job and he has a great deal of respect for Commander Malcom. Born out in the Outer Rim, he has raised a family and is now a grandfather a few times over. He treats his people like family and is well liked even if he can be demanding.

He is technical but not a gearhead, he tends to be by the book and he has read every manual at least twice and knows the regulations. He runs a tight crew but knows when to ease up and when to push. He is also no stranger to loss in his personal and professional life and that has given him a perspective that gives him some useful, if foul mouthed, wisdom.

  • He has been around maybe you served with him at some point?
  • If you are a pilot or need repairs, his crew is in charge, best to be on good side?
  • Need some advice, the Chief always has a lending ear for guidance.
  • Remember the good ol’ days? Chief Po’xin remembers.
  • This should hopefully be his last tour, but he has been saying that for the last three years.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Lucien Kassel » Wed May 30, 2018 2:14 am

Lucien was once a renowned soldier of the Republic military. He served with distinction, despite the toll of constant defeats, until the first Battle of Bothawui. In the battle, he was incapacitated and sidelined until after the second Battle. With the death of all of his comrades, he resigned and was never seen in the public eye again.

He resurfaced after the Mandalorians invaded Bankor. He led his community to successfully repel the invaders from pillaging all they had before leading his people into the fold of the Resistance at large. Despite this, many have been distraught to hear that he wants to surrender to the head of the invasion. While his movement has not swayed too many, those in charge are wary of such a drain on morale.

  • Perhaps you have heard of his time in the war against the Sith.
  • As a supporter of the Resistance, surely you disagree with his desire to surrender.
  • You may get along with his family.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Nytera Anacapri » Wed May 30, 2018 2:28 am

Nytera lived a comfortable lifestyle until the invasion of Bankor stripped her of everything she had. She was the only one to escape the slaughter at her family's estates and has since been staying with the Resistance. There are times when she clashes with the Resistance's leaders and, with the arrival of the Republic, she much prefers their company.

It is no secret that she hopes to be president of the planet after the Mandalorians are repelled. She claims that she is the one most familiar with the politics and that she can work well with the senator to restore the planet.

  • The execution of her family was made public by the Clan Varad. Perhaps you had heart of it.
  • Do you think she would be a good leader? She'd be glad to have your support.
  • Even in war, she would never abandon civility.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Bozu Ythoknis » Wed May 30, 2018 4:45 am

A native son born to Ithorian laborers, Bozu worked his way into University and then began a small mining company that catered to hiring non-humans, especially Zabraks, at fair wages. He is a respected if shrewd businessman and can be ruthless in his dealings when it comes to making a deal but his image as an Ithorian of the people.

It is no secret he would love to run things if the Mandalorians are forced out, but he has many reservations about the Republic and how they left his people to hang in the wind. He would much prefer Bankor become a neutral state than a Republic world if given the chance.

  • Local son and Ithorian of the people.
  • Support an independent and strong Bankor, the Republic may be our saviors today but where were they when this all started?
  • War is like any deal, the spoils go to the winner.
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Re: Major NPCs

Postby Iyana Miu » Sat Jun 30, 2018 3:28 am

Her past is ma mystery, Iyana has known the order of the ASznuri since she was a child and was a prodigy of the Force. She is th de facto leader of the order now that Sister Mazakin has fled into the jungles with her followers. Given a chance to prove herself the Brass re keeping a close eye on her along with the Jedi but thus far she seems satisfied with the outcome.

Fierce fighter, brutal and self-reliant she is less of a teacher and more of a war leader. She does not shy away from violence and sees no distinction between the Dark and Light side of the Force.
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