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Postby Niall Organa » Wed May 23, 2018 6:22 pm

Name: Niall Organa
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Background: Military
Marital status: Single
Age: 22
Height: 1.82 meters (6 ft.)
Weight: 72.5kg (160lbs)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Grey
Build: Slim

Niall is not the sole heir to the Organa family, but he is the oldest son of one of its branches. He is also an officer in the Republic military. There is some amount of tension between these two duties, especially since Niall's sister Rayne was killed a few years ago.

Having spent much of his life in prestigious boarding schools, Niall was in a position to join an elite Republic military academy at the age of sixteen. He graduated as a Lieutenant just two years later, partially due to his talents, partially due to a desperate need for officers in the war.

The first year of Niall's duty tour had only light action, but the second saw him deployed to Tatooine. He was gravely wounded in the fighting there, and had to be evacuated to a medical frigate. When he awoke, and was decanted from the bacta, he was given a medal for sustaining his injury, and promoted to captain, likely in part to replace some of the officers just lost. His second medal was for saving children at Nar Shaddaa, and was much less painful overall.


Niall is friendly, but he speaks carefully, the weight of his various responsibilities making him cautious. He often wears a serious expression on his fine, aristocratic features. Were it not for the blue Republic armored dress uniform, he might be mistaken for a scholar, with a somewhat slim build for his height. When out of uniform, he still prefers to stick to fine clothing in blue, with high collars and loose vests. And sometimes capes; Alderaanian nobles can totally pull off capes.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Baesal Zyn » Wed May 23, 2018 6:30 pm

Name: Baesal Zyn
Gender: female
Species: Togruta
Background: Prisonner
Marital status: Single
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 lbs
Build: lithe

Taken from the republic moon of Mtir where she had helped her father fight the advancing Sith Empire despite her very young age, Baesal was likely spared from execution because she was talented enough to be useful as a mechanic. The slave life did not last long though for she was discovered to be force sensitive and thus sent to the Academy on Korriban. Since then she has defected from the Empire to the Republic and serves as the padawan of Master Raji Xen.

Surprisingly she made quite a splash during her short time in the Order. This is mostly due to the Ionsaber and lightshield: the fist being a unique lightsaber she designed and crafted during her time on Korriban and one the Jedi Order as failed to reproduce and the second is a unique defensive lightsaber.

She might seem older then her age and is somewhat solitary since she came back to the republic. She rolled her eyes more then once at those tasked with her 'reducation'...some whispers that the Masters might not have gotten all the sith out of her and, despite her best effort, she does not quite fit the Jedi archetype. Nevertheless she learned much from her time with the Jedi, especially on Nar Shaada, where she was confronted with the weight of her decisions...and the loss of her left arm

Now she is conflicted again...but not for the reasons one may think. She hopes that the crucible of Bankor will bring her what she needs.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Galen Sol » Wed May 23, 2018 7:20 pm

Name: Galen Sol
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Background: Slave Origins
Marital status: Single
Age: 24
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 190
Build: Wiry

From a distance, Galen appears unremarkable and ordinary. He is just another random citizen trying to survive. A closer inspection suggests that survival has been more dangerous and adventurous for him than for most. His hands are calloused and scarred, hinting at the other old wounds concealed beneath his well worn clothing. He's managed to keep his face unblemished, but his eyes can betray his difficult past. The young man doesn't say much about that past, but it's known to those who care to learn it.

Galen has no idea who his parents were or if he has any living family. His earliest memory is being purchased as a young boy. His master was a hunter, Janus Sol, in need of someone fast and nimble. Live bait is always the best. Galen exceeded Janus' expectations, surviving years longer than any of his previous slaves. While the boy served the hunter, he grew and learned a great deal, about hunting and about the nature of the universe. Survival was all that ultimately mattered, being faster and smarter than the predators around you. And, outrunning the old fool who raised you when the predators followed you back to camp.

After the accident, Galen spent years on his own, avoiding cities and people whenever he could as he drifted across the galaxy taking whatever work he could find. Eventually, however, he found himself on Nar Shaddaa after a job gone bad. With favors owed, he stayed, taking what jobs he could and eventually joined the crew of the Starcross nearly two years ago.

His time on Nar Shaddaa has now ended, for the most part. The less time Galen spends on that moon the better for him and a number others, though he does maintain contacts there, as well as on Nal Hutta. This primary motivation for leaving, however, was to begin a personal study of the Force and his connection to it. He still sees no reason to commit himself to codes and philosophies of others, not while there is still much to learn beyond such dogma. But, he respects many of those who have devoted themselves to understanding the Force, regardless of their affiliation, and has begun travelling with and studies under Jedi Master Lyshea Mersl.

Philosophical beliefs aside, Galen still works for those willing to pay for his skills. There are certain jobs he will not take, of course, while his personal sense of justice may lead him to volunteer for others. That has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.

* Galen is a believer in the Force, but neither Jedi nor Sith have ever interested him.
* Currently studies under Jedi Master Lyshea Mersl.
* Galen is a hunter and is most at home in the wilderness. He has visited many undeveloped worlds.
* As a crewman on the Starcross Galen has participated in many jobs originating on Nar Shaddaa.
* Galen's one consistent companion for the past 8 years has been a little creature he has named Navi
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Zanebry Varliss » Wed May 23, 2018 9:25 pm

Name: Zanebry Varliss (Zah neh Bree)
Known as: "Z" "Zan" "Nebry" "Zane" "Berry"
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Background: Military Training
Marital status: Single
Age: 26 years
Height: 6'0
Build: Lean
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale grey

Zanebry tends to stand out in a crowd, though not due to his handsome features, it's his clothing choice that draws the eye. It's a style unseen by most, consisting of dark slacks, a jacket, a vest and something he refers to as a tie, it's topped off by a rather peculiar looking hat. Most people find the whole ensemble odd, though they can't argue with the fact that he looks good in it. If asked, Z will explain that it's a type of clothing once popular on his home world, and he wears it simply because he likes it. He has made some slight adjustments in the years since Narshadda, The jacket, now more of a long coat and in a dark shade of grey rather then black. He also sport a well maintained beard, and his once Nar Shadda pale skin has become slightly tanned.

Zane has become a wanderer in the time since Nar Shaddaa, having spent a great deal of time chasing down Project Evolution with the Jedi order, before continuing his own form of wandering. Which most would equate to running from one problem to the next, doing what he can to help those friends and lovers he has gained over the years; as well as being a general nuisance to those he dislikes. He is currently know, as a smuggler, bounty hunter, and problem solver: a s;ight change from his days of a musicians, but nto a change he seems to mind.

Three Drinks

Z's ship the Three Drinks, is a rather unremarkable looking vessel from the outside, blending in with many of the other republic freighters already in port. He's spent more time on the inside of it then the outside, making the crew quarters as livable as possible, going so far as to splurge on a small bar, which is open to himself and any guests or passengers. It offers much more variety then can be found in the Rec Facilities, and Z might even be amendable to part with a bottle from his personal stock for the right price.

It's crew consist of Zane, and two older model droids, a old astromech droid he refers to as "A", and a repurposed battle droid named "B"


-Zanebry is from the Core Worlds, and has a past affiliation with the Republic Military, if you were in the army 8-10 years ago you might have met.
-Though retired now, those with sufficient clearance or reasons, might know that Zanebry is a former member of the SIS, his service last around 2.5 years and ended about 5.5 years ago.
-Berry is a Wanderer, he's been all over the galaxy in the past couple years, so you might of run into him in the last couple years
-Zane was well known on Nar Shaddaa, if you are from that part of the Galaxy you might of heard whisperers of him before he disparaged.
-Z has connections to the Jedi order, having spent a number of months working with them in destroying Project Evolution, if You are a Jedi you might of worked with him, or at least heard of him, through that.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Durasay Mixo » Wed May 23, 2018 10:07 pm

Name: Durasay Mixo
Gender: Male
Species: Pantoran
Background: Military Training (a former captain of the Pantora Defense Force)
Marital status: Unavailable
Age: 33
Height: 1.97 Meters
Weight: 89.9 kG
Hair: White
Eyes: Yellow-Amber
Build: Lithe
Complexion: Pale Blue, with distinguishing yellow tattoos on upper cheeks and forehead

Languages: Basic, Huttese, Mando'a, Pantoran

Durasay is a proud (one could easily say arrogant) man in his early thirties. Coming from a long line of military members, he mustered out of the Pantoran Defense Forces about seven years ago, finding himself into the line of a gun for hire. He eventually wound up with Nudimsu and his crew. He always had a way with words, an almost preternatural talent for either turning people to his side, or knowing just how to frame his arguments to come across as the best course of action.

He's beyond charming, though it's really his ability to lead that stands out. Also with a cunning mind and quick fingers, he's easily at home in the gambling dens as he is the warroom. Unfortunately, he can be a bit of a short fuse when frustrated, even with military training to hone his discipline.

Since Nar Shaddaa, Durasay returned home, running a grass roots campaign of political office that ended with him being elected Senator of Pantora. A popular voice with the Populist faction of senators, seeking to give more power to each member system and decentralize the Republic government as much as possible while still maintaining law and order. More importantly, providing for the general welfare.

It was his own sense of Duty, and a bad habit of taking risks, that Durasay immediately volunteered for the mission for Bankor, his contacts with the Pantoran Planetary Forces allowing him to commission his old armor and operate under his rank of 'Captain. He looks to help the people of Bankor, while hoping to strengthen their own Populist group.

Duty: 20 (Loss Prevention) - Ensuring that his troops are as safe as possible under battlefield conditions is Durasay’s primary concern. He never sends troops into hopeless situations in which defeat is certain, preferring instead to preserve their unit’s strength for meaningful battles if sacrifices must be made. If taken too far, this ideology can result in weak commanding officers who lose ground because they aren’t even willing to try. They may gain a reputation for cowardice, which harms both discipline and their own chances for advancement.

Obligation: High Risk - Durasay just can't help it; he has to take the most dangerous jobs and play for the highest stakes. A victim of his own pride, and his ego often lands him in trouble. Mixo has something to prove and, when challenged, he cannot help but take the opportunity to displa his bravery, even if he puts himself and his party in harms' way.

Motivatation: Reward - Moral: Sometimes helping others is a reward in itself. Altruism may be a rare virtue, but ne'er do welling attracts all sorts, and being a criminal does not mean he has no moral code. Durasay might get a kick out of helping others, or he hopes to change the galaxy one good deed at a time. Either way, he wants to feel good about himself based on his own criteria. Whether he gains recognition as a hero or not does not matter.

-Pantora has a long history with the Republic. Were you a member of the Republic Military? Perhaps you got to know each other on a joint operation in the mid-rim.
-Durasay loves politics. Spectating, or being a part of the action. Known for being a bit of a firebrand on a quest for justice. Perhaps you're down for a heated debate or cool conversation. Especially more so as a firebrand of the Populists.
-Bounty Hunter? Smuggler? Ne'er-do-well? He isn't one to be afraid of being a bit... underground. Maybe you've run into each other. And he's also a big fan of the seedy side of cities. Better gambling, and more interesting company.
-Durasay is a known practitioner of the Force, but not of the Jedi Order. He's always willing to discuss the Great Mystery, in all facets.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Dr. Cole Ormont » Thu May 24, 2018 12:49 pm

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Background: Professional
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Height: 5’10”
Build: slim, lanky
Hair: blonde, messy curls
Eyes: blue-grey, pale

Cole has been out of the world a while, spending much of the past two years escorting refugees on the Outer Rim and providing medical aid to previously blockaded planets. He’s looking thinner than he did before, tired, and if he got much paler he’d just about be see through. His hair is slightly shorter, but still a mess of curls that refuse to behave.

Befitting his rank, he occasionally trades in his field uniform for a proper dress uniform, which somehow manages to look tidy, despite the unruliness of his hair. Whichever uniform he's wearing, his utility belt remains a constant, its multitude of pockets precisely arranged, the best medical supplies the navy can offer always at hand.

It’s unlikely much of a reputation has preceded the dedicated surgeon. Members of the Galactic Republic Navy are far more likely to be familiar with his father, Brigadier Admiral Ormont. He still favours his utility belt, its multitude of pockets precisely arranged, the best medical supplies the navy can offer always at hand.

- Aided the Peace Talks on Nar Shaddaa, taking the role of educator.
- Medal awarded for his role in the ending Project: Evolution.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Layne Hoshin » Fri May 25, 2018 2:13 pm

Name: Layne Hoshin
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Background: Elevated Slave
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Build: Tough


Layne was a slave left to rot in the spice mines of Kessel when she was discovered by the Sith. After killing her first 'master', she was sent to the academy on Korriban, where she gained the attention of Darth Baras. It was also on Korriban where she first felt the light side of the force, and the peace that it brings. She graduated and became a top assassin under her new ambitious master, but grew ever more conflicted. During the events of Nar Shaddaa, Layne once more felt the lure of the light side when she closed another wound in the force, and freed a number number of slaves in the process. She also got caught up deeper still in the mad ambitions of her master, and twice tried to kill him. The first time after he'd send her to deceive the Voice of the Emperor and she admitted her attraction to the Light; the second time after being convinced to join her master's other apprentice in defying him once more.

She 'died' during that encounter. Disappearing in the chaos thanks to the efforts of her newfound family and distant ancestor-returned-to-the-living. Presumed dead, her master framed her as 'the Magpie', a terrorist responsible for the lives of thousands; giving Layne no choice but to do the very thing she had been considering doing for months... join the Jedi. Even Layne was surprised when they took her in.

Since joining the order, Layne has found herself frustrated at times by the prejudices many in the order and republic have against her, however justified they may be. And she hasn't exactly had the easiest time dealing with the master she's been assigned to, not used to the rigid way of doing things. But she *has* been making an effort; and those few who know her from before might note a change for the better in her. Even if she still has plenty of attitude.


  • While the details may be scarce, there are no doubt rumors floating around about Layne within the Jedi order. Former Sith-assassin, apprentice to an infamously deceptive scumbag of a Darth, upposedly related to one of the original Jedi that betrayed the order and founded the Sith, with an attitude that doesn't exactly suggest Jedi paragon? Yeah, people probably don't trust her very much.
  • Intimately familiar with slavery? Imperial or Sith background? Holonet news junkie? You may know things about Layne.
  • Supposedly she has a lightsaber with a black blade; which might sound impossible to many who have some familiarity with lightsaber colors. Although the fictional Jedi Vera Hawke apparently has a black lightsaber in the newer seasons. Layne doesn't really come across as the type of girl who'd be a fan of the show though...
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Nudimsu » Fri May 25, 2018 5:38 pm

Name: Prirnu'dim'suazzo (Nudimsu)
Gender: Male
Species: Chiss
Background: Military
Occupation: Pilot of The Tortoise
Marital Status: Single
Age: 18
Height: 1.85m
Build: Slightly in shape
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red

Coming from a system far beyond the reach of most travelers, the Chiss have only recently been making appearances into this part of the galaxy due to the war efforts. For Prirnu'dim'suazzo, his recent entrance to the area also had to do with the war effort. Having strong personal opinions for the Ascendancy working with the Empire. Despite being able to maintain a large amount of independence, the sure Idiocracy of the Sith Empire eventually succumbed Prirnu'dim'suazzo and, in a rare showing of emotion, left the Ascendency in grand fashion.

This also meant leaving into a whole new area surrounded by people even more who were less smarter than the group he left. After which, he turned to the Republic to learn more about them, to which he was thoroughly disappointed by their offerings and lack of clear logistical understanding and decided against working for them.

Eventually, having no other choice but to adapt or starve, Nudimsu eventually began to offer his services as a pilot. He could do his work, fly around as he was trained to do amoung the Chiss, and not have to deal with the presence of people who were less than intellectually stimulating to his needs for longer than a single mission or two.

Having realized that it was ill advised to keep on this route, leaving others in charge of his own destiny, he took out for a ship loan and decided it wise and meet up with a man, although not as smart as he, was more than capable of doing the job needed of him. His name was Craw and a Mandolorian, which apparently meant something out here, being known for their ruthless and fearsome abilities in combat. Eventually, more and more people started to flock over to his ship and they were all efficient at their job.

After the events of Nar Shaddar, Nudimsu chose to allow himself to work with During privately as his personal pilot, taking less freelance work, though on occasion still doing jobs as required of him to pay off the debt.

-Do you like being insulted to your face often? No? Too bad.
-Are you part of the Ascendency? You may enjoy a conversation with him. Do you have high ranks within the Ascendency? Even better.
-You need a pilot? He can be hired for a fee to get you to where you need to go, no questions asked. Because it's likely he's not going to care.
-"Why does Nudimsu keep sneaking off all the time?"
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Craw Toboga » Fri May 25, 2018 6:02 pm

Name: Craw Toboga
Gender: Male
Species Mandalorian (Human)
Background: Military Training
Marital Status: It's... Complicated.
Occupation: Mercenary
Age: 27
Height: 184cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


Born and raised in the rough Outer Rim, Craw is a mandalorian mercenary with history working for unaffiliated crime syndicates, the Empire, and even the Republic on occasion. He is an expert close quarters fighter and not too shabby with a blaster rifle either.

Craw's about ready to see a better day. If you met him a year ago you'd have just called him an overconfident asshat who liked his drink a bit too much. Nowadays he's different. Craw's drinking days are supposed to be behind him now, though they left their mark. Craw looks a bit disheveled, that overconfident grin of his is gone though glimpses of it still come now and again, but he has a new sort of vitality to him. A drive. He's thrown himself into his work and self-improvement, and he's starting to think maybe there really is a light at the end of this tunnel. Helping him to be better are Nudie, maybe his oldest friend in the rough and tumble life of a mercenary, and Nai'tiri, his former lover and fiancee who he left at the altar (they've made up since then... Somewhat). All in all, Craw's looking forward to this job. Nothing to help you sort yourself out like a good ol' fashioned war.

Craw is a tall and athletic man who usually has a neutral expression, though he's quick to break into a smile if in a social situation. His body is scarred by many battlescars, some of them deserved, some earned. He wears his hair and his beard short in traditional mandalorian style.
When not in a combat situation Craw wears a tough leather jacket, a grey shirt and some loose trousers. If he's in the line of fire he wears his own Mandalorian armor which he inherited from his father.

CA-CRAAAW.jpg (116.86 KiB) Viewed 16980 times

The armor looks worn and battlescarred, with the paint chipping in many places revealing the stainless metal beneath. In recent months Craw's made a point of fixing it up and so it's sporting many new parts and minor improvements.

- Do you need someone to do a little bit of "physical work" for you? Craw is willing to take on side jobs...
- You need help with trying to get over something? Or just want to talk? Craw knows what it's like to hit rock bottom...
- You want to spar a little? Test your mettle? Bring it on.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Sabine Kelborn » Mon May 28, 2018 7:00 pm

Name: Sabine Kryze
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Mandalorian)
Background: Mercenary/Military
Marital status: Single
Age: 22
Height: 1.74 meters
Weight: 67 kg
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Blue
Build: Athletic

Sabine was raised in and around Republic territory by her late father, Rex Kryze. Though she bears a Mandalorian name, she isn't familiar to many in the current leadership. For those in the know, her father, Rex Kryze, was a direct relative of the current leader of House (or clan?) Kryze, though the only thing known is that he had a falling out with them about 2 decades ago. Rex has perished in a single combat since then.

Sabine joined the Republic 4 years ago, as soon as she was legally able to do so. Her service record shows exemplary combat performance, as well as a strong ideological bent in line with Republic ideals. She has been put up into promotion in times that are certainly not usual, the latest one is her new title of Sergeant of the Republic Army, as well as rumors that she is on fast track to Senatorial Guard duty, as indicated by her newest gift from the Republic, the paladin blaster rifle.

- Sabine is a Mandalorian. Are you one? Are you interested in them? Come talk to her! Extensively. Over notes
- Despite her age, she is quite experienced, having participate in combat since she was young. Want to talk about guns and battles?
- She has been recently promoted, so you might be assigned to work with her
- She has been in and around Republic territory for her whole life, but never in one place. Maybe you met her?

Sabine is on the tall side of average, her shock of purple/pink hair making her obvious when not in armor. Though her personality matches an ideal soldier of the Republic, her looks are typcal Mandalorian, at least according to most. She has a fit build, having spent her whole life either in combat, or preparing for it. In combat, her Mandalorian armor strikes her as an outlier, a little something that the Republic allowed her to keep. To match her feelings, the grey-red armor was painted up to match Republic colors better.

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Re: Player Characters

Postby Delmi Koor » Tue May 29, 2018 12:12 am

Name: Delmi Koor
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Background: Military
Marital status: Single
Age: 20
Height: 5’5”
Weight: Mind your own pewsiness
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Build: Agile


Delmi Koor was born on the planet of Anaxes. Her father was a respected veteran and instructor at the Republic Military Academy. Her father married a woman from the Outer Rim world of Taris, to whom Delmi was born 20 years ago. Unbeknownst to her father, Delmi's mother was actually an Imperial spy sent to obtain valuable information about the Republic's resources and tactics. The woman spent years with Captain Koor before finally being able to accomplish her mission after the birth of their daughter. Upon completing her objective, Delmi's mother disappeared, and her father was disgraced for his involvement in the security leak.

Captain Koor was set to be court-martialed and exectued until a member of House Cormond from Brentaal IV stepped in and secured a lesser sentencing for the decorated veteran. The baby Delmi and her father then relocated to Brentaal IV and her father served House Cormond as a bodyguard. Her father taught her that one should always pay their debts to those who are kind to them; something that would become a bit of a motto for her later in life.

She trained with her father and the Brentaal IV Defense Corps growing up as a small girl and showed exceptional prowess with blasters. When Delmi was 14, the Koor's benefactor travelled to Nar Shadaa on a matter of business which resulted in an altercation which took Captain Koor's life. After hearing the news, Delmi travelled to Nar Shaddaa and found the Mandalorian gunsman who had killed her father. She killed the famous bounty hunter in impressive fashion, drawing the attention of a number of possible employers. She spent the next few years of her life bouncing around as hired muscle and a skilled pilot, increasing her fame and body count daily.

She was on a smuggling mission in Bankor for an employer when the Mandalorians attacked. Stuck in the capital as the Mandalorians poured into the city, Delmi tried to avoid getting caught up in the fighting until the Mandalorians attacked the spaceport. During the fighting she lost her ship, goods, and an arm from a Mandalorian battle axe. Despite her injury, she was able to escape and helped escort the Zeltron business woman, Leila, and her ship to safety away from the capital. Leila's report to the Republic drew the attention of Jace Malcolm, who knew Delmi's father personally from his days as an Instructor on Anaxes. Commander Malcolm arranged for Delmi's employer's losses to be compensated, and called up a request to have Delmi fitted with a high-end cybernetic replacement for her arm.

After receiving her new arm, Delmi elected to work with the Bankor Resistence Forces on a temporary basis. Her father had taught her to always repay her debts. And through the benefice shown to her by Commander Malcolm she had incurred a great debt in her mind. She's still skeptical of the Republic after how it treated her father, but is bound by a pressing sense of duty to her own father's memory that urges her forward in the conflict. She looks forward to the day when she feels that her debt has been paid, and she can go back out into the galaxy to pursue her own future... and right the unrighted wrong of her past.


-Train at the Miltary College on Anaxes? It’s where she was born.

-Spend any time on Brentaal IV 5-10 years ago?

-Like pew pew? She’s got good pistols.

-Know of a good bounty hunter/smuggler on Nar Shaddaa? She’s one of the best.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Jax Dolross » Tue May 29, 2018 12:15 am

Name: Jackson "Jax" Dolross
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Background: Military
Marital status: Single
Age: 28
Height: 1.85 meters
Weight: 90 kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Build: Athletic

Background: Jax was born on Coruscant to middle class citizens, his mother was mostly stay at home his father was a merchant. Jax had an enjoyable life but for him it was nothing but a gilded cage. His parents were protective of him after his older brother was lost to one of the war efforts of the republic and refused to let him join the army. Jax idolized his older brother and had a bit of a rash streak. At 16 he sneaked off in the night and found someone that would forge documents saying he was old enough to join the military.

Jax served in the republic navy for 5 years, reaching the rank of lieutenant before retiring after an incident during a battle with the sith empire. After his retirement he ended up in the underground doing work as a getaway driver and smuggler. He used a contact from his time in the military that had made a similar transition to the underworld to get jobs and such. After some saving Jax eventually had enough for his own ship, nothing special just a good reliable freighter. Over the years he's put in some work to make it livable. Its no luxury yacht but its crew quarters are comfortable and it looks nice enough, surely nicer than most smuggling ships. He named her Midnight and gave her a nice coat of matte black paint. Jax has done the smuggling thing the right way renowned for his skill in the cockpit but only on the right channels, he's no infamous smuggler but he's one of the most reliable. Him and his partner Azura tackle all kinds of jobs and Jax is no stranger to getting his hands dirty, though he does prefer to avoid violence when he can after all a dead contact is a useless one and in the underworld the guy with a blaster in your face one day could be your payday the next.

Description: Jax is a tall man with a very toned and athletic physique honed through years of military service and a personal work out regimen he follows diligently. He has been told he is a good looking man though he doesn't really think much of it. He does have a square jaw and bright blue eyes, he has blonde hair that he allows to grow out a bit but he maintains it well. If you see him around he's likely in a leather jacket with dark pants and solid boots and when things are garunteed to get messy he's in his charge armor the slight hum of electricity following him a bit. He has a charming and inspiring demeanor one of the things that served him well as a squadron leader though in business he is nothing but professional however he isn't afraid to cut loose and have fun when the time is right.

- Were you in or affiliated with the republic military 9 years ago? If so you may have served with him.
- Smuggler or mercenary? you have probably come across him.
- You like talking about starships come have a seat.
- You a pilot? got stories? lets swap em?

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Postby Chase » Tue May 29, 2018 1:42 am

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Lieutenant, Fighter Pilot
Age: 24
Height: 5’6”
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: Athletic


Chase is a woman with experience under her belt shown only through her more practical approach on life. Born a fighter her Corellian roots show through quickly with a spirit unable to be tamed. The woman is most comfortable is casual attire when she's not on duty or otherwise forced into a stiff military garb.


An orphan, as far as anyone can tell. Chase came to the Republic alone some years back and when the time came she was able to promise herself to the military she pledged her already abundant skills as a pilot to them. Practical as she may be Chase has never allowed an opportunity pass her by where she do something for the Republic and those the Republic is sworn to protect. Hitting Lieutenant at just 24 years old she's almost assured to rise further because of her zeal.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Azura Mora » Tue May 29, 2018 11:51 am

Name: Azura Mora
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Marital Status: Single
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Build: Athletic
Hair: Blue (dyed)
Eyes: Brown

Appearance and personality:

Azura is average height, with short inky-blue hair and brown eyes. She wears a skin-tight suit that also serves as a decent armour, which she invested in since coming to a war zone (Jax’s idea, not hers!). Her body is quite athletic and thin, but she doesn’t lack curves in the right places. She has quite a cocky attitude, but she can show kindness. However, she is also know to have a quite terrible temper, and she is prone to anger over very little.


Very little is known about Azuras history. She seemed to just appear one day as a young teenager working alongside Jax on his ship Midnight. Neither openly talk about how this happened, but it's at least rumoured that she had stowed away and instead of being turned in they started working together. Where she is from and what she did before this is shrouded in secrecy that neither of them would reveal. There has been talk that she may have links to the Force, but if she does it has neither been confirmed and nor has she or Jax stuck around for any tests to prove it.

She now serves as Jaxs right hand woman, brought into discussions when a little more muscle is needed.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Nai'tiri Cadera » Tue May 29, 2018 4:48 pm

Nai'tiri Cadera
Name: Miurani'nai'tirianu
Occupation: Mandalorian, Hired Gun, Bounty Hunter
Background: Military Training (Chiss Expansionary Fleet)
Species: Chiss
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Hair: Deep cyan
Eyes: Crimson red
Skin: Cerulean frost
Height: 6'2" / 1.88m
Build: Statuesque amazon

Known languages: Basic, Cheun, Durese, Huttese, Mando'a.

The tall Chiss woman could easily be mistaken for some sort of model... a warrior-goddess model in combat armor. For a Mandalorian, Nai'tiri seem to take care of her good looks, which also includes keeping her armor and gear in tip-top shape. She keeps her shoulder-long deep blue hair up in different styles that easily fit underneath her helmet, and on occassion she sports Clan Cadera warpaint on her face (three lines of red; one down her chin, other two on the sides of her face). Even more so now in a warzone. Nai'tiri is physically fit and in good shape, as expected from one who has embraced the warrior culture of the Mandalorians. Her voice is husky, often quiet, and she tends to speak plainly without much fanciful additions to her speech.

Born Miurani'nai'tirianu of House Miurani on Csilla, in a life of luxury in the Chiss Ascendancy, Nai'tiri was early on groomed for the military like many of her peers. When she was of age, she was accompanying her sergeant and fellow cadets on a training mission on Hoth when the group was ambushed by pirates who killed their commander and the oldest members, but taking the youngest ones, Nai'tiri included, captive to be sold as slaves. As the pirates were readying themselves to leave the system with their catch, a group of Mandalorians that had been following the pirates attacked. It was a lengthy fire fight, and the young Nai'tiri joined in as soon as she could pry a weapon out of the hands of a fallen pirate to retaliate against her captors. The Mandalorians, a group of Clan Cadera, were victorious. The Mandalorians cared not for what the captured Chiss decided to do, and those who survived decided to return back to Csilla, to report of what had happened to their group. Nai'tiri on the other hand felt that there was merit in staying behind with the Mandalorians. Some saw her choice as defection, which certainly influenced the nature of their report to her house... judging by the nature of how some agents of House Miurani have attempted to bring her home.

Nai'tiri joined the group of Mandalorians and continued to hone her military talents alongside them, eventually becoming a full member of Clan Cadera, and the leader Jicoln Cadera affectionately call her an 'older sister' to his own son, Torian. As a Mandalorian, Nai'tiri has done her share of fighting for both glory, honor, as well as money as a hired gun, all the while dodging the occassional Chiss trying to bring her back home to Csilla. During her time as an active Mandalorian, when not staying in the "safety" of Mandalorian space, she has operated both out of Republic worlds like Coruscant, Corellia, and Alderaan, and more neutral areas, though she tends to steer away from working with the Hutts as Nai'tiri have pretty strong feelings against slavery. Considering she nearly was one herself, it's perhaps an understandable opinion...

Growing up with Clan Cadera, Nai'tiri early on got accustomed to being a target of misplaced affection for various other Mandalorians smitten with her looks, though her tendency to shoot down (both figuratively and literally) would-be suitors earned her nicknames like Iron Maiden and Ice Queen. Though there was Mandalorian who did get through her guard, Craw Toboga. The two of them seemed to hit it off well enough, they had decided to be united in the traditional Mandalorian way... except Craw left without a word. Nai'tiri spent years after the betrayal tracking down Craw who managed to stay one step ahead of her all the way, until she eventually had to give up on her active hunt. Not long ago they met again and made up. In a way. Nai'tiri has made it quite clear that they're not together again, but that hasn't stopped her from joining Craw's little group of friends to keep an eye on him. Likely he doesn't feel like he can say no to her either. As a new member of the Turtle's crew, Nai'tiri is a natural counter-balance for Craw; her sharpshooting talents take out threats from afar while he deals with those up-close, and her calm intellect offers tactical insight to her less tactical partner. And outside of combat, her disciplined manner keeps her fellow Mandalorian in place.

- Ever had need for a hired gun? Nai'tiri might have worked for you!
- Mandalorian? Awesome! We have so much in common!
- Chiss? Maybe you're a runaway from the Ascendancy too? Or considering the potential reward from House Miurani to bring Nai'tiri home?
- Nai'tiri has worked on Republic worlds like Coruscant, Corellia, and Alderaan, as she seems to have more tact and intellect than your average bounty hunter. Maybe you were involved in one of her jobs?

Armored Nai'tiri by Faily-chan. Artwork by Daekazu.

DUTY - Combat Victory: (5)
Nai'tiri is driven to show the strength of the Mandalorians who fight to defend the Republic and Bankor. She seeks the worthiest of opponents, whenever possible, to not only maintain Mandalore's promise, but to prove her own strength and courage. This means daring raids, excellent tactics, and acquiring the best firepower possible.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Rekto the Hutt » Tue May 29, 2018 8:06 pm

Oh! He's Rekto the Hutt
Bounty hunter
Tough is his green butt
Rest is muscle
On his every charge, he always wrecks large
with his vibroax

He never wears clothes
Cuz he's baller
Just armour he sports
Fancy collars
She drops into heat
To stir epic shit
His foes are minced meat
'cause he rolls like this

Barge into rooms
through the thin walls
Nothin' personal
He is just superior

Groove like Rekto
You gotta slave to Rekto
You'll wanna mooooooove... like Rekto

No dumb mind tricks can control him
The Force bounces off his smug lime grin

Assassinate like Rekto
He's got big guns, that Rekto
Damn fast draaaaaaaaw... that Rekto

[A Slave]
Though Rekto is a hermaphrodite
He's a manly slug stud just alright
Body-built and greedy
He shuns mammals needy
Of emotionality

He gobbles seals
From Alderaan
Eats things whole, oh baby, run for life

He'll put you in slave outfit
Of dangly bronze thingies
Enjoy smexy squirming
Ohhhhhh oh oh!
You'll gonna like this

His big slimy tongue
will seduce you
To join his syndicate
when he shows you

How to racket like Rekto
You'd lead thug life like Rekto
Killin' gooooooons... like Rekto

Goes where he wants and offs 'em all
Who try to stem the mafia way he rolls

Felonise like Rekto
You'll share gang signs with Rekto
Just learn to mooooooove... like Rekto


[Boring data: Age: 299, Height: 3.1m. Weight: 0.6t. juniper green skin, lime eyes]
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chooses to speak solely in Huttese
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Re: Player Characters

Postby V1-V0 » Tue May 29, 2018 8:23 pm

Designation: V1-V0
Model: Czerka Industries V Series Battlefield Support Droid Prototype
Role, Intended: Primary combat and medical support on the battlefield
Role, Actual: Combat assault, medical processor not installed
Background: Scientific/Technical (new model prototype)
Age: 784 days
Height: 1.93m
Mass: 85 kilograms
Gender: Undefined, programming tends to refer to self in third person
Rank: Specialist

Czerka Internal Memo #434/f/567q9/tt/rl7 wrote:Entry 1: V1 prototype initialised for the first time today. Core processor activated without issue and unit passed all initial combat tests with 100% success. Installation of experimental armour plates to commence tomorrow.

Entry 7: All basic frame modifications have been made and the armour has melded perfectly to the frame. Main processor evolution is disappointing. Unit does not appear to be progressing to the required mental capacity at this time. Will liase with Project RL7 on how to increase this.

Entry 18: Advanced combat tests are complete. The unit approaches all combat tests placed before it as it's logic circuits say it should. Still not showing the expected sentience, problem solving or lateral thinking we expected from the prototype. Will commence installation of the medical equipment tomorrow in the expectation that medical tests will jump start the processor to the expected levels.

Entry 19: The damn thing was fooling us the entire time. It had quite obviously achieved full sentience very early, perhaps moments after activation and concealed this from us. Somehow it knew what we were intending to use it for. I suspect it has thoroughly penetrated and read our entire network here. Thankfully Project RL7 is on a physically separate server. Last night it broke off it's own restraining bolt which, on review was damaged in the last combat test, breached the armoury and escaped the facility. 26 security droids, 13 security staff and 1 technician were incapacitated during the escape. Initial tracks show it has headed for Mos Eisley. A recapture team has been dispatched.

Republic Post Battle Report wrote:Boarding Action - Empire Frigate - Death's Glory.

This vessel crippled the Solar Hammer and was crippled in return. Comscan indicated that the Empire vessel was bringing power back online faster then we could. In order to prevent the frigate escaping or destroying my vessel I authorised a boarding action. The droid designated V1-V0 volunteered for this mission before I could even finish the briefing. V1 led the boarding action from an insertion torpedo directly into the Death's Glory engineering section. Despite being under heavy fire from the Empire crew it led our forces to complete victory with much smaller casualties than expected. After full repair I recommend that V1-V0 be promoted to Assault Specialist.

Captain Eramus Kerra - Solar Hammer.

I also recommend that V1 not be allowed anywhere near a medical deck. Even my best technicians have been unable to remove the glitch in it's programming that makes it think it is a medical droid as well as a battledroid.

Bipedal, marked in blue and carrying a heavy DH-X blaster cannon, the droid designated V1-V0 is easy to spot. No other droid, currently, looks anything like it. It's cheerful attitude towards combat and willingness to lead the charge has led it to being well liked by Republic soldiers. Still, it spends most of it's free time with other droids so far, as things should be.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Luth Khalan » Tue May 29, 2018 8:37 pm

Name: Luth Khalan
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Corporal in the Empire military - Sniper Corps
Age: 24
Height: 155cm
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Red

Luth is a small woman with large, dark blue eyes and a small, slightly upturned nose and small mouth, giving the overall impression of a mouse in human form, at least in appearance. An uneven smattering of freckles crosses her face, concentrating across her nose and cheeks. Her tendency is to remain quiet, though not out of shyness, and nothing about her demeanor suggests anxiety regarding people. More that she's an observer, and prefers to understand before acting. She's usually in uniform when on assignment, but even her civilian wear tends toward the utilitarian, generally some form of black top and pants. Her red hair is usually kept shoulder-length, the easier to keep it out of the way. Long, faint scars criss-cross her back.

Luth is a former slave from Magbalantay, a world she describes as "the backwater's backwater", a tidally-locked planet orbiting a red dwarf, with very hot and cold poles and violent electrical storms constantly crawling across the twilight band. An operation went down there between the Republic and her master that resulted in the slaves freed and her master dead (by her own hand but his weapon), resulting in her joining the Republic at age 16, and deciding to work for their intelligence network, leveraging her knowledge of the Sith and Empire and her gift for developing trust for their benefit.

Just recently, she wrapped up an undercover operation in the "service" of Darth Baras, delivering an extensive amount of information back to the Republic about internal Imperial politics. The operation has left her exhausted, disheartened, and traumatized, a fact that's apparent in her demeanor to the few who really know her. She returned a year ago from a long vacation after, remaining above cover since... mostly, anyway. He previous identity, Imperial sniper Asra Nakahti, "died" in the widely-publicized explosion of Darth Baras' barge.

She discovered she was Force sensitive during her time on Nar Shaddaa, and it's a subject that still makes her uncomfortable and she prefers not to talk about. However, she has remained in an ongoing relationship with Jedi Knight Arali Zian since then, and it has been a presence with that.

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Re: Player Characters

Postby Zhao Xhur » Tue May 29, 2018 11:42 pm

  • Name: Zhao Xhur
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Zabrak
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 6'3''/1.91 m
  • Build: Muscular
  • Skin Color: White/Grey-ish
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Brown, braided
  • Other Features: Heavily Scarred/Tattooed

Appearance and Personality

Zhao has a very intimidating appearance, tall and heavily built, scarred and tattoed, he looks like a brute. His personality does not help him in that regard since he is brooding, rude and doesn't make friends easily. His skin colour is also rare for a Zabrak, once again, not helping him to look less intimidating.

Public Information

Zhao is a former slave miner liberated from the Sith Empire during the war. He thought in joining the republic military but was found to be a force sensitive and was taken by the jedi order to be trained as a jedi. This is his first solo mission assigned as full jedi.


  • Are you a former slave? He was also a slave and he still carries multiple scars during his time as one
  • Are you a jedi? He is a jedi, although he is not very friendly
  • He has a a grudge against those who keep slaves
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Tethys Carrack » Tue May 29, 2018 11:50 pm

Tethys Carrack
Age: early 20s, about 23 or 24
Species: Human
Height: 178cm/5'10"
Build: Spare
Complexion: Cool-toned, on the dark end of typical human range
Hair: Black, in locs
Eyes: Dark brown

Tall, willowy, and dark-skinned, Tethys Carrack doesn’t stand out much among a cosmopolitan crowd of mixed species, but she does cut a somewhat distinctive figure relative to other standard humans. Her thick black hair is worn in neat dreadlocks, usually looped back off her shoulders or tied into a chignon. Deep-set brown eyes watch the comings and goings of her fellow-beings with an expression of detached interest that ranges from quizzical to solicitous to downright skeptical. Her voice is a cool, light alto, with a hint of a nonstandard accent in Basic.

Tethys favors practical boots and long, loose, comfortable robes in the mode common to Jedi and other galactic wanderers, preferably with pockets. When circumstances call for better protection she wears a well-fitted set of Jedi armor under an outer robe—not concealed, exactly, because the gear is too bulky for that, but at least not quite so obtrusively martial as armor alone. She is often accompanied by a faint scent reminiscent of sea air, which most humans find tolerable or even pleasant (other species’ olfactory reactions might differ)—presumably some kind of perfume or lotion, though she doesn’t wear any other obvious cosmetics.

Further data:
Jedi Carrack had most of her early training on Coruscant—beginning a bit late for a human, though not excessively so—and spent the better part of her time as a Padawan wandering the Rim with her master on various diplomatic and judicial support details. Frequently he did most of the talking while she stood by with her lightsaber in case the situation got messy, but in the course of doing so she’s absorbed a fair bit of knowledge of her own. She advanced past the status of Padawan very recently; Bankor is her first destination on her own since completing her trials.

She has no living family that she knows of, but her adoptive kin live in a small fishing settlement on the planet Dac (better known as Mon Cala to offworlders). She still keeps in touch with them through correspondence and occasional visits.

Avatar from baewall on tumblr; can’t track down the artist for the armor picture, alas.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Garth Wayne » Wed May 30, 2018 2:08 am

Garth Wayne
Rank: Ensign
Occupation: Despatch Rider/Fly boy
Background: General Citizen
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tanned
Height: 6'0"
Build: Toned

Known languages: Basic (Spoken and understood), Binary (Understood).

Toned, but not buff. Ruggedly handsome, but too aware of the fact.

Garth doesn't speak much of his past, what is commonly known is that he grew up on Onderon but was not born there.
He never speaks of his family, but mention of family causes him to instinctively reach fora pretty sparkly necklace that he NEVER takes off.
He's been with the Republic since 3659 but only as part of the starfighter corps since 3656

Duty: 10 (Intelligence) - Garth prides himself on being able to deliver any information to any destination. Blockade running in space, breaking through enemy lines on planet with 'Tallulah'. He may not be the best conventional pilot in the Bankor forces but if you need something delivered from point A to point B across enemy lines, he's your man.

Strength: Pride - Garth is a good pilot. Almost as good as he thinks he is which is both a blessing and a curse. So far his 'can-do' attitude hasn't cost him anything, but it's only a matter of time before playing the odds will catch up to him. But even if it does, it's unlikely to change his attitude.

Weakness: Recklessness- The flip side of his prode is the fact he has never turned down a mission, the more dangerous, the more keen he is to volunteer for it. It's almost as if he feels the need to prove himself to someone....

- Fan of The Kessel Run? I worked on that show.
- Got a thrill for adventure? Me too.
- Bored? Wanna race?

Republic * Human * Pilot * Force Sensitive * Adrenaline Junkie
Languages: Basic (Speaks and understands), Binary (Understands only)
Standard Gear: Republic Uniform (Padded Armour), DR-45 Dragoon, Comlink, Bike Keys, Backpack, green crystal necklace, Aznuri Necklace
Combat Gear: Shockrider Crash Suit, as above + Extra Reload + Crash Survival kit
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Illyria Acaran » Wed May 30, 2018 2:33 am

Name: Illyria Acaran
Gender: Female
Species: Half-Pantoran
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Public Relations liaison officer, Pantoran Defense Forces
Age: 23
Height: 165cm
Eyes: Golden
Hair: Pastel pink

Illyria is a woman of average Pantoran build, with bright golden-brown eyes, and pink locks in the pastel custom for her species. Her skin was far more of a pale ice blue, reflecting heritage from her human father. She is usually well dressed, whether in civilian dress, uniform, or in her custom-fit flak jacket identifying her as a member of the press corps. Often she wears a small but chunky blaster pistol for protection, but even more frequent and prominent is the gentle hum of the repulsorlift for the hover cam gently resting several inches off her shoulder.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Rekara » Wed May 30, 2018 11:03 am

  • Name: Rekara
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Mon Calamari
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'1''/1.55 m
  • Build: Slim
  • Skin Color: Red
  • Eyes: Large Google-like yellow eyes with black iris
  • Other Features: High domed heads with circular patterns, and webbed hands

Appearance and Personality

Rekara has a very kind and tranquil appearance. She is short in galaxy standards, and sometimes mistaken for a child for this. She may only be 17, but in Mon Calamari standards that means she has just reached adulthood. She wears a green robe with a darker cloak over, hiding her lightsaber under it. The Mon Calamari species is not known in the Galaxy yet, since they have recently been discovered, so she always tends to walk hiding her high domed head under the hood of her cloak, and her hands inside the sleeves of the opposite hand. Her skin is red with circular patterns in a darker shade of red, a natural pattern that allowed the species to camouflage in their native planet's waters. Everywhere she goes there's a soft aroma of sea. It can only be determined that Rekara is female because of the chest and shape of the Mon Calamari, as well as her longer eyelashes.

Public Information

Rekara was born in the oceanic planet of Mon Cala, an unknown and isolated planet of the Outer Rim. She was spotted by Master Fu'Dall in one of the visits of the Jedi council delegates to the planet, evaluating the Force within the Mon Calamari and the Quarren. Among the peace loving Mon Calamari, the sensitive ones had a strong inclination towards the light side of the Force. When the time came, Rekara was sent to a master Selkath to continue her training as a padawan in the planet of Manaan where it was a quiet life of learning.

  • Are you amphibious, can you breathe under water?
  • Do you like to care for people?
  • Are you a healer?
Rekara: Force Sensitive | Mon Calamari| Jedi | Healer | Compassionate | Short

Equip: Lightsaber, Holdout Blaster, Armored Robes, Physician's Kit, Comlink, Synthetic Anesthetic, Stimpacks, Backpack

Rekara at your service. Welcome to a day in the life of a Jedi.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Rav Devaroo » Wed May 30, 2018 2:02 pm

  • Name: Rav Devaroo
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Shistavanen
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 6'3''/1.91 m
  • Build: Wiry beneath the fur
  • Fur Colour: Orangey brown and white
  • Eyes: Dark
  • Ears: Pointy
  • Tail: Bushy
  • Other Features: Usually sporting a patch of oil or grease

Appearance and Personality

To those who have never met a Shistavanen before, Rav is a giant bipedal jackal or wolf-like creature with sharp teeth, claws, and a tail. His eyes are usually a little bloodshot from over-working himself, and he tends to be somewhat gruff or abrasive at first, with a sharp sense of humour. It is rare to find him without an assortment of tools, and he can often be found fixing something.

Public Information

Rav left Uvena as a young pup, joining the Republic military academy in a rare move for a Shistavanen. He quickly developed a speciality in Engineering and has served in the Republic army as a specialist for several years. He hasn't been seen in service for the past year or two.


  • Do you like engines, blasters, or making things? Rav does.
  • Did you fight at the Gorian Nebula, Agamar Drift, or Balmorra? Rav did.
  • Are you the kind of person who has a rough, tough outer persona, but spends their downtime helping regular folks put their lives back together? Rav is.
Republic | Shistavanen | Gearhead | Military Specialist | Greasy Mechanic | Serious Sapper | Tough

Equipment: Huge collection of assorted tools stuffed in to Utility Suit, Utility belt, Load-bearing gear, Datapad, Hunter's Goggles
Combat carry: Heavily modified Pulse Rifle, Extra reload, Stimpacks, Grenades, Tech-glove

"Throw me that hydromajiggy before... Huh. You know what, just run."
Rav Devaroo
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