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Re: Player Characters

Postby Aran Enfas » Thu May 31, 2018 2:39 am

Name: Aran Enfas
Gender: male
Species: Miralukan
Background: Citizen
Age: 18
Height: 1.7 meters (~5'8")
Weight: 150 lbs
Build: Compact

Aran is a serious, conscientous young padawan -- which would come as a great suprise to most of the people he has encountered in his short career, who would have thought he was an adrenaline-fueled swoop jockey.

Although raised among the Jedi Order, Aran's early life was not entirely cloistered, with the Masters overseeing his early training frequently exposing him to the wider galaxy. He practiced and studied scrupulously, with the Masters' only complaint being his verve when acting as their speeder driver.

Grounding him in the world proved prescient, as the pressures of the war pushed more Jedi in to service, sooner. Although they hoped to spare him from front line combat, they decided his character meant they could trust him out of their sight, doing detached duty on postings that, during peacetime, would recieve the attention of a full Knight. He was chosen to help keep an eye on the criminal underworld. Aran proved enthusiastic for the task -- or, as his Masters would come to conclude, overenthusiastic, as his official mandate of observation was extended in to a complicated undercover sting operation involving a swoop-racing and thievery ring.

Suitably chastened on debriefing with the order, Aran spent some time in contemplation in the temple. He definitely did not spend any of it craving adventure or excitement. And he accepted it with serenity, and was not secretly thrilled, when his Masters chose to send him to Bankor, where they hope the seriousness of the cause and the military rank structure will season him in to the formidable and orthodox Jedi they saw in him as a youngling.


Aran is compact and youthful, with a calm face and monastic air that breaks in to a grin under the force of his native enthusiasm only in moments of intense action. He is perfectly comfortable in either street clothes or Jedi robes, and tends to fade in to the background in either. He keeps his head shaved, and in any garb usually wears some unremarkable manner of hood, goggles, veil, or other covering where his eyes would be if he were human. On Bankor, he defaults to the one keepsake he still has of his cover identity in the swoop gang -- a pair of mirrored sun-shades, which he quite likes and did not tell the Masters at the temple about. Except when he specifically intends it to be seen, he does not carry his lightsaber openly.


  • Would the Masters tell you to keep an eye on a padawan (or vice versa)?
  • Would you have been around the Jedi temple? Maybe you met during his training.
  • Would you have been around an underground swoop ring? Maybe you met when he was undercover.
  • Do you have a flashy vehicle? Maybe you caught him staring.
  • Do you have a need... for speed? Maybe he saw you punching it, and looked for the hot-shot pilot.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Ashla Vyliis » Thu May 31, 2018 9:22 am

Name: Ashla Vyliis
Gender: Female
Species: Togruta
Background: Criminal
Marital status: Single
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"

Ashla has lived a colorful life. She has gone from child of/accomplice of an infamous serial killer, to petty criminal, to slave, to "medical hobbyist" to Jedi Padawan. She caused a little controversy when she first joined the Order due to her dark side tendencies. After a stint at serving on Nar Shaada during the peace negations, she has seemed to calmed down.... to a certain extent.

She has taken her role as a padawan more seriously. She works with younglings a lot, particularly a young Rodian named Jeebu she saved from the slavery on Nar Shadaa. She even has begun making connections with other "medical hobbyists" and organizing them to ensure they get proper(ish) training and served the overlooked areas of the galaxy. And if they let her know an interesting fact or two that helps with her Jedi missions, then that's just swell.

This will be the first mission in a long time that she will be without her master. She finds it a little odd and (much to her disbelief and confusion) a little sad. But whatever is keeping Master Maaka must be important. Regardless, she will help save the people of Bankor. It's what Jedi do.

Not that she cares about what Jedi do.


Art by GhostWolfe

- Jedi or around Jedi a lot? You may know Ashla.
- Ever needed a shady doctor? Ashla doesn't just try to help others become medical hobbyists, but often helps the lower areas of Coruscant or less than prosperous areas of other planets she has visited when her other duties allowed.
- Connections with Nar Shadaa? You may have met her when she was a the peace deal or when she was a slave.
- Like flying? Ashla enjoys flying in her little scout ship, The Endless Slaughter. She has considered renaming it, but never does for reasons.
- Had a friend/relative/co-worker/enemy/etc. get brutally murdered 7-17 years ago? That might have been Ashla's dad. ((OOC: Unknown to pretty much everyone, is that he targeted force sensitives only. Of course, since this little fact he is not known by many people and many weren't known to be force sensitive when they were killed, many murders he didn't commit are attributed to due to either sincere belief he did it or law enforcement just wanting to close the case, and it was possible he could have been in the system.))
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Oddyn Vizsla » Tue Jun 05, 2018 10:16 am

Name: Oddyn Vizsla
Occupation: Hired Gun
Gender: Male
Species: Mandalorian Human
Background: Slave
Age: 27
Height: 2 metres
Weight: 110 kilogrammes
Build: Husky

"Oddie is a nice guy. I mean, he is even charming in his own way, and his face does tell a story. I have just never figured what is that story. Not even that insanely well-groomed beard can conceal all the boxing scars, but where was that and how did it end? I heard rumours Papa Vizsla pulled him out of some cesspool and adopted the boy, but he is so damn ginger I could believe he's Shae's born brother. Okay, maybe auburn. Even when he drinks it's hard to hit that sweet spot when his first guards are down and withdrawn mood hasn't set in yet. His renditions of Vode An are damn heartfelt, he makes you feel stuff... But nothing more infuriating when his pale eyes go blank in the middle of something. And nothing helps really. He'd still reply but you know he's somewhere else... I guess that's why in the end us didn't work out."

- Xui Saxon

"So-called peace has taken its toll. Until now, Odd didn't have much time to think, to recall bygone stuff. But ever since we had set foot on Kalevala he was like a bha'lir in a cage. That Kryze boy didn't provoke him, I saw that. Odd had been looking for a fight. And when he started he couldn't end. In the end we had to stun them both, though the Kryze boy didn't need any other anaesthesia after what Odd's fists had done to him. It was serious though, we'd just been united for the first time in quite a while, and Corso came straight from Sundari to scold him. They had an argument and in the end Odd was told to get the fuck out. And he did. Last time I saw him. But guys like him don't retire to be nerf herders. I bet he's looking for a war to fight as we speak."

- Wingo Fett
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Filo Ordo » Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:40 am

Name: Filo Ordo
Gender: Male
Species: Mandalorian Human
Background: Military
Marital status: Single
Age: 29
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 235 lbs
Build: Combat Ready

Filo Ordo was born into Clan Ordo, and raised with the teachings of the Resol'nare but never quite completely adopted to it. His courage was questioned at a point in his younger life, and he was thrust into ritual combat. While he did initially experience fear, he overcame it and emerged victorious but was scarred in the process. He discovered he has a younger half-sister who he does not keep in regular contact with, but attempts to send spare credits to when possible.

Following his trial by combat, Filo found more meaning in the Resol'nare and signed up with several combat units in an attempt to grow his combat skills. This has led to him volunteering for the Liberation of Bankor.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Teffa » Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:08 am

Gender: Female
Species: Chiss
Background: Wealthy Galactic Citizen
Occupation: Trucker (currently), sometimes Gambler
Marital Status: Single
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Build: Slender
Hair: Grey, with purple tips
Eyes: Crimson


Outside than the obvious blue skin, Teffa doesn't exactly have a notable appearance, especially when around the combined forces of the Republic military. She's just passing by and making ends meet, then moving along hopefully. As a person, she appears to be warm, friendly and smiles easily, unlike most of her kin. Her trim length of hair is usually bundled up into a neat pony-tail, naturally a shade of grey with a slight hint of colour at the tips. Her taste in fashion isn't particular pick, dressing presentably like a colonist from the fringe. At times, she'll certainly dress to impress or turn heads, especially when there are high stakes on the line.

Teffa recently arrived with her ship, The Trunk, to drop off a sizable shipment of rations and warm blankets. Since then, she's stuck around and set up camp here. Her ship isn't exactly impressive, an old freighter with some obvious patches of steel on the hull as quick fixes from the wear and tear. It's likely the ship predates her ownership of it, its interior smells of old machine oil and scrap metal from more than a few decades of use. The only thing that seems obviously her is the bundle of acorns hung at the cockpit with a distinctive scent of spruce.

Art by Joanne Kwan (a more SFW link now)
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Hacha Tsuko » Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:58 pm

Name: Hacha Tsuko
Gender: Male
Species: Duros
Marital status: Unavailable
Age: 35
Height: 1.7 Meters
Skin Tone: Greenish Blue
Eyes: Red (no pupils)
Build: Pudgy

Emotional Strength:Curiosity
Emotional Weakness:Obsession

Hacha was once a well respected engineer, but his obsession with pet projects caused him to heavily outspend his budget. After dumping a truly awe inspiring amount of credits by overengineering ship designs, he was forced to leave the Duro shipyards in disgrace, finding himself black balled. As he was not one to set aside his obsession, he set out to become a spacer, heading to places where conflict was spilling over because he thought it would be the best way to scavenge parts he could use.

* Do you have something that needs to be fixed? How fixed? Upgraded?
* Do you have a technical task that seems impossible? He would love to prove you wrong.
* Are there rumors of something expensive or rare that he could use in his work? He'll come running.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Tra Kize » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:06 am

Gender: Male
Species: Kel Dor
Occupation: Educator, Retired Republic Navy Staff Officer
Background: Military
Age: 53
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 215 lbs
Eyes: Red, Covered
Skin Tone: Light Brown
Build: Husky


Tra Kize has put on a few pounds since his retirement from the Republic Navy. He just isn't as physically active anymore, choosing to enjoy his retirement by not working out between lectures. That's not to say that he doesn't maintain his appearance as impeccably as he did in the military. He tends to be well groomed and wears military inspired garments. Among Kel Dor he would be considered relatively attractive even with the bit of extra weight. But more than that, regardless of species, he always carries himself with an air of dignity and authority that one would expect of a career officer, though not in an intimidating fashion.


As a young man, Tra Kize studied political science, macro-economics and warfare at the Republic Naval Academy on Coruscant. He was assigned as an executive officer to a lower ranking Captain of a frigate. In an advisory position, he helped to propel the career of that Captain into Admiralty and he was taken along for the ride. After a few years however, his talents were seen as extremely useful for helping to revamp units with command issues. He was regularly transferred between different assignments to assist with issues dealing with manpower, morale, and quality of life. For a time he was the Commandant of the Republic Naval Academy on Corellia. He would come to find himself as a Rear Admiral at Republic Navy headquarters as an advisor at the end of his career. From there he retired and became an educator, lecturing at the Naval Academy and doing guest lectures at other universities on request. Which is how he ended up on Bankor at the wrong time.


- Republic Navy: Perhaps he was a former comrade, staff officer or instructor?
- Students: Perhaps he lectured at the school you attended in one of his fields of study?
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Lyseil Panteer » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:25 am

Lyseil Inera Panteer
Occupation: Archaelogist, sergeant (desk-jockeying kind)
Background: Wealthy Galactic Citizen (Noble)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Amber
Skin: Fair
Height: 1.67m
Build: Slight

Lyseil looks somewhat out of place in her uniform, even if it is perfectly tailored to meet the standards of the Panteers. More like she seems ill at ease in being in a warzone, and would prefer to be somewhere else. Her raven black hair goes slightly past her shoulders and her wide amber eyes always seem alert yet also bright with enthusiasm and curiosity. She's not a great speaker, but she does have her own quirky charms that comes with her friendly disposition and easy smile. She speaks in a refined Alderaanian accent, that often seems to be held back a few notches within bounds of propriety.

Lyseil Panteer was born into one of the noblest houses of Alderaan, though a minor branch of Queen Silara's house. She enjoyed a pampered upbringing, recieving some of the finest education Alderaan has to offer while living a life of luxury. She did have a brief stint serving the Alderaanian military, but her rank of Sergeant was pure nepotism as someone of her birth shouldn't have had to slum it out with the lowest, and Lyseil picked up her skill with firearms and understanding of warfare and tactics. In her studies, she was bright and graduated with honors, and she went into the field of archaeology because she was so thoroughly bored with life on Alderaan.
Her choice of archaeology would prove to be a life-changer. She joined an expedition with a more experienced professor as one of his new research assistants, travelling to the little-explored world of Felucia. They ended up getting more than they bargained for as an acklay found their camp and killed one member of the expedition... everyone managed to escape, but now had to survive without their nescessities. Much to everyone's surprise, it was the spoiled Alderaanian princess who stepped up to the task and proved very adept and capable of wilderness survival as well as stealth. After two weeks, someone finally arrived to check out their emergency signal that they had rigged up, and the professor was eminently grateful for Lyseil getting everyone through alive.
A year has passed since the incident and Lyseil has earned a reputation among her fellow scholars as a bit of a crazy who enjoys more the search in the wilderness than the actual search through boring libraries. But now the Republic has called in favors from its worlds and Lyseil finds herself sent to the world of Bankor to support its military, but she secretly hopes to uncover something really amazing that will make her a star in the academic world!

- A scholar of sorts? Awesome! Let's compare notes! You might've heard of the archaeologist that thinks field work is where it's at!
- "That belongs in a museum!" Have you been involved in finding some awesome artifacts or ruins? Lyseil would love to know more!
- Alderaanian, noble, or just important? Let's hang out and act important together!
- Adventurer or thrillseeker? Let's cook up some crazy caper!

DUTY - Personell (10):
More than machines, credits, or information, the people of the Republic are the most important and vital assets there are, and Lyseil knows this. She is devoted to seeing to their safety, well-being, and capacity for success. No one should ever be left behind; the most successful missions might not achieve every goal, but they are successful nonetheless when no one dies.
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Re: Player Characters

Postby Hamelin » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:26 am

Name: Hamelin
Occupation: Jedi Knight / Apostle of Death
Background: Criminal
Species: Gand
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Antennae: White
Eyes: Green
Exoskeleton: Chitinous
Height: 1.24 m / 4'4" [1.47 m / 4'10" if you count the antennae]

Orphaned at a young age, Hamelin had to do whatever was needed to stay alive on the streets. It got him involved with some bad crowds. With no real prospects for the future his destiny changed on fateful day when he stowed away on a freighter. A chance encounter with a Jedi revealed that he was Force Sensitive. The cranky old master Ghuse Vall took him in and started training him in the ways of the Force.

Oddly, the Gand took a particular fascination with death as a balancing factor in the universe. Most Jedi and people in general are rather off put by this but that doesn't stop Hamelin from preaching the blessings of death. Like his master, Hamelin dedicated himself to the Force. He does not seem overly interested in outside matters. He has a fondness for children and does his most to protect them if they are ever in danger.

Hamelin heads to Bankor to spread the blessings of death and herald a new tomorrow on Bankor. His ship, the Staccato has a crew of pilot Clef, a male Duros and co-pilot Carol, a female human.

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Re: Player Characters

Postby GB-PK9 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:36 pm

Occupation: Wilderness Search and Retrieval (Bounty Hunter/Survivalist)
Background: Slave Origins
Species: Droid
Gender: Male Programmed
Age: 3
Height: 1.2m
Build: Quadrupedal Husky

The GB-PK9, (Guardian Beta, Prototype K-9 model) was an experimental droid design designed for wilderness search and recovery of assets and individuals. When it was realized the unit had become remotely self aware, it's designers decided to see how it impacted it's performance on the field, loaning it out to republic forces for field testing in Bankor. It's slightly confused, but enjoying the new found freedom, unaware of the dangerous environment it's been placed in.

It's opinion on organics is currently still in a formative state, and will likely change as it continues to interact outside a controlled environment. It is able to understand most commonly spoken dialects.
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